Coaching in the workplace : the program , periodicity and registration sessions conducted by the magazine .The introductory , primary and repeated instruction in the workplace

goal of any instruction is to ensure security of the organization, as well as property, plant and equipment, which are in its ownership.This kind of training have an essential role, which is very dangerous to underestimate.Neglect can lead to tragic consequences.The most common accidents occur through inexperience or because of overconfidence.It is these categories of workers are subject to more stringent control.

Types briefings

the manufacturing process took place without a hitch, and the result of the organization was at the highest level, it is necessary to carry out instruction in the workplace.This will help to discipline employees, increase of qualified staff in the company and to ensure security.


Every employer knows that the primary instruction in the workplace should be carried out with all the staff, who are employed.This also applies to students, and visiting workers and trainees.The main provisions of primary instruction developed for each type of work.

are not acquainted with the primary instruction personnel who are in the course of employment are not relevant to the tools, equipment, raw materials and materials.

list of employees who need instruction in the workplace, approved by the head of the organization.Students and interns during the work process equal to the experts.


Introductory training in the workplace is carried out for employees who are transferred from one unit to another, or appointed to a new position.For each employee briefing held personally work with a demonstration of techniques that are considered safe.Conducting introductory instruction necessarily recorded in a special register.Instruktiruemy instructing officer and give him personal signatures.The title page of the document on employment is also necessary to sign.If the induction training in the workplace is carried out for a student visa is placed in the register of educational work.

Journal of instruction in the workplace is necessary for accounting and control over the schedule of these checks.This measure allows to know exactly when, where, by whom, and what coaching was conducted.Logging - it is a necessity due to the legislation.It is mandatory to be numbered, stitched and sealed organization.Next put signature of the head.

form logging briefing is the same for all parts of the organization.Blanks should be stored at the safety engineer or his authorized representative.The immediate supervisor who conducts coaching, have to take the magazine under his signature.


A review of the workplace supervisor is required to ensure that the level of knowledge of the staff, as well as how well he had learned all the rules and regulations.Such testing can take place individually or in organized groups of workers for similar jobs.Frequency of coaching in the workplace - at least once every six months for those employees who work with tools, devices and equipment.


When there are changes in the rules of labor protection, the head shall conduct an unscheduled briefing at the workplace.It is necessary to consider issues relating to the production process, change of equipment and common security.

Unscheduled control is carried out in the case of actions of employees, which led to the injury, negative consequences, violations of working hours, or at the request of the relevant authorities.This briefing conducted by a group of employees who share common work duties.Control program is developed individually, depending on the circumstances that triggered the need for testing.The journal is necessary to fix all the reasons for its conduct.


charge if the employee to perform odd jobs, he should listen to the target instruction.This also applies to those situations where it is necessary to eliminate the consequences of accidents, disasters or disasters caused damage to the company or violated the production process.The employee must be familiar with all the documents, which provide security of life and health.

Briefing held at the workplace supervisor: foreman, foreman, and so on. D. After the procedure, the employee must pass the exam by means of oral questioning, or using the demo work on the equipment.Only after the actual test knowledge worker can be admitted to the labor process.It evaluates the knowledge of the chief, who carried out the procedure for.Those who have not been re-instructed in the workplace, can not take part in the working process and should be sent to resit.

What questions include instructions?

employer or person who conducts training in the workplace, should understand what questions you need to consider what information to convey to the employee.

Introductory training includes the following aspects:

  • General information about the company, especially the production.
  • main rules and requirements relating to health and safety.
  • internal documents of the organization, work schedule, information about the benefits and allowances.
  • Responsibility for violation of the rules adopted by the company.
  • Information about the organs that exercise control over safety.
  • Identify the internal structure of the organization.
  • risks that are present in a particular industrial activity.
  • Requirements for personal hygiene.
  • common reasons for accidents.
  • safety regulations concerning flammable materials.
  • actions of employees in the event of unforeseen circumstances and victim assistance.

based on primary instruction

primary instruction includes the following questions:

  • Understanding workflow features technological activities in a particular organization, the rules of operation on the equipment unsafe specific factors.
  • upkeep jobs.
  • Hazardous areas on the territory of the organization.General information about the security systems and concepts.
  • stages of preparation for the labor process.
  • security of transportation routes for the organization, the algorithm contingency situations.

mentoring programs in the workplace for the Prevention of electro-necessarily have to be provided in each organization.It is the responsibility of the responsible person enters convey to all staff the following information:

  • Electric current - a danger to every employee.Do not touch bare wires or live parts of instruments.
  • not touch lighting fixtures, electrical wiring and uninsulated parts of devices.
  • In the case if they find irregularities in the operation of electrical wiring or other problems, it is absolutely necessary to inform the administration.
  • can not step on the wires, which lie on the floor to open the cabinet or to place objects.
  • In areas without the permission of the immediate supervisor can not use portable electric appliances.
  • In no case do not touch the broken units and certainly not try to repair them.
  • leaving the workplace unattended, you need to turn off all electrical devices.

All the accidents that occurred on the territory of the organization are investigated in accordance with established procedure.Legislation regulates how and in what form they should be designed and what measures should be applied to the guilty parties.