How to collect "Lego" or questions "Lego" -modelirovaniya

All children are happy to spend time with toys.Among them are cars and dolls, rattles and musical instruments.The most attractive today are LEGO-designers.They allow the child to develop fully.And the baby is happy to plunge into an unforgettable adventure right in your room.With these toys children never get bored.After all, there is a huge amount of them.But how to collect "Lego"?

When the designer to offer the kid?

This toy is considered to be unique in that it can play with the babies six months old and 12 years old.Start standing with Duplo series and Baby.They contain rather large items, and the child quite easily be able to hold them in their hands.It is also quite vivid detail, which greatly attracted the attention of young designers.Six-month child develops very quickly, how to collect the "Lego" in simple blocks.The kid at the same time familiar with the concepts of color and form, and also develops manual dexterity and motor skills.Acquaintance with this game you can have in the age of three months.Simply offer your child figures he will be happy to consider and to shift from one hand to another.It sure will interest the sound that is heard when parts knock on the table.

Classes with children 2-4 years

These kids are happy to look at the scene, who will play the characters of the game.A parent may himself put figures, commenting on what is happening.At this age, you can use these sets as "Lego Hospital," "Lego-zoo", "Lego train."Adults must participate with the children in the game, then the child will quickly understand how to collect designer of "Lego".

He needs to learn how to connect the parts so as to get a house or a tree.This game is able to fully meet the children's needs.It has a very important feature - "grows" with the baby developing in him a lot of qualities.

What can you suggest 5-6 years of age?

These children are addicted to happy designing.They already know how to build a "Lego City", which are quite complex designs.The child masters the skills of programming and it is able to manage your models.For example, under his power, even to make the robot walk around the room, collecting toys and down the stairs.This activity draws the fact that in addition to the standard set of instructions, which are attached, you can collect more and something different.We only have to show their imagination - and cubes will ship, aircraft or vehicle.

How to build from the "Lego" car?

First, you need to stock were the main parts: two platforms, the platform 12 x 4, steering wheel, windshield, front bumper 4, two seats, two doors, dual wheels, two wheels single, two dice 2 x2 single blocks, the two strips 6, the strip 2 and the flat strip.Before going to "Lego machine", you must first make a body.This will require a platform 12 x 4, to which you want to attach the bumper, then mounted the steering wheel and side doors.The final stage of manufacture is considered to be the front of the glass.Now you can get to the salon.To do this you need to put in front of the wheel chair, then attach the strip 6 and set the single cubes.The strip must be attached to the two behind, and on top of it - a flat strip.The work on the installation of a body of another chair.To attach the wheels, you need to connect the platform with four single cubes.All this must be connected to the wheels are set below.So goes the car with an open top.In order to make the roof, the strip 6 will need to be installed on each side and a large platform on.There are kits, which have side windows, inside, you can put the driver and passengers.

Ā«Lego technicianĀ»

For those who are interested in the construction of machines, there is a special series.Although the design in it rather complicated, but at the same time they are very interesting.These models created not only children but also their parents.They are already well aware of how to collect "Lego", and enjoy your imagination embody in life.The set offers certain schemes, and all games are divided by level of difficulty.When the final result is reached, the child will understand that it is important to get things done and hard for her to go.However, it is not necessary to insist on immaculate follow the instructions.Let the kid shows his own imagination.The seven-year child is required to be carried away by a series of EDUCATION, or GAME.They are also an educational function, ie. To. Are composed of letters.Children are happy to attract to this occupation of his friends and trained in the game.Do not forget about the praise.So there was a sense of pride for having achieved a certain goal.Forget about patterns and boldly experiment with the whole family.