How to wash away a newborn baby boy?

Parents are often concerned with questions of the proper hygiene, including bathing, cleaning the processing, and the external genitalia of the newborn powder, cream or butter.The skin is very delicate crumbs, in the absence of proper care it is easily covered with rashes and red.If you want to know how to wash away a newborn baby boy - this article is for you.We write the rules of care for the "sensitive" crotch crumbs, as well as talk about the specifics of hygiene of the foreskin of the penis and a newborn baby boy.

How often wash away the boy?General rules of skin care baby

known that newborns need podmyvanii.Change into clean clothes and change diapers or diaper baby in the first few months of his life you have to very often.At least eight - ten times a day (that is, after each bowel movement) will need to wash delicate skin crumbs.It is assumed that the child was in a disposable diaper is not more than 3-4 hours, but only in the absence of feces.Urine and feces contain a variety of bacteria and enzymes and are considered aggressive environment for baby's delicate skin.Getting on his genitals and buttocks, they can cause not only discomfort.If time does not wash away the stool, irritation and inflammation occurs.Therefore, after each bowel movement bowel necessarily need to change a diaper and clean the baby's ass.All new parents are extremely important to know how to wash away a newborn baby boy or girl.Attention mom and dad to the intimate hygiene of the baby should be vigilant, because the purity of the genitals - is the key to the future reproductive health of their child.

"Water" procedures for baby: how to wash away a newborn baby boy?

cleanses the skin and genitals of the child is necessary after a bowel movement or every three - four hours as changing a diaper, under warm running water.Before bathing is necessary to prepare everything, including cotton pads, diapers, towels, baby powder and a special children's cream or butter.How to wash away the newborn boy, this should be done under running water in the sink (or bathtub).First you need to turn the water on, then adjust its pressure and temperature.Remember, the most comfortable is warm but not hot water (36-38 ° C).Then follows the child to undress and put his hand on the belly.At the same time it should be breast just above the palm.Shoulder baby need to hold the index and middle fingers.Do not be afraid - at such seizure the child does not slip.When bathing water jet can be directed from the genitals to the anus or just crumbs on the ass.How to wash away a newborn baby boy: Photo shows this procedure.

Use baby soap when podmyvanii

Do not apply soap, gels and lotions every time a hygiene procedures.Renowned doctor EO Komorowski said that the ass to wash the baby with baby soap can be no more than twice a day.At other times it is necessary to wash away the child just tap water, without any means for bathing.Too frequent use of soap can harm - the skin retain moisture, and this will cause damage mikrotreschinok and through which can easily penetrate bacteria and germs.Also not recommended for use for personal hygiene crumbs "adult" gels and shampoos, as it is often in their composition are added coloring agents, flavors and fragrances that can cause a severe allergic reaction.

Finish the "skinny" and wipe crumbs

After washing off all the particles of feces should wrap the baby clean diaper or soft towel.For dry skin, you need to put on the back crumb and light tangential motion to remove the excess moisture in the buttocks, genital and inguinal folds.Rub the baby's skin is not necessary.Then you can give a child for 5-10 minutes to lie down naked.Remember, air baths are extremely useful.You can then treat "sensitive" area of ​​special baby powder or cream, and finally put on a diaper.

Features care boys.Physiological phimosis

Parents are important to take into account the physiological characteristics of the genitals of his crumbs.Newborn boys are born with physiological phimosis, which is three to five years in 90% of cases disappear on their own.It is expressed in the fact that the foreskin is narrowed.And so it prevents exposure of the head.Inside the foreskin has sebaceous glands.They produce smegma - a special fat-like secret.If the child is properly and regularly wash away under the fold of skin that can accumulate bacteria.As a consequence, it can develop inflammation of the skin of the glans penis.Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to child hygiene.How to wash away the boy up to a year?Be sure to protect the head of the penis.You can not delay or forcibly move the foreskin.No need to check how to open the head.Remember, the penis just need to gently wash with warm water!To maintain genitals baby clean enough and regular cleaning the daily bath.If you touch the skin on the penis or try to wash the head can seriously harm the baby and cause the formation of micro traumas that leave scars.

How to wash the foreskin?

If you need to, the foreskin can be gently washed.How to do it correctly?Fill the syringe or eksteritsida furatsilina solution (10 ml).Slightly pull up the skin without exposing the glans penis.Insert the syringe (without the needle) that appears in the gap.Under pressure from the release liquid, washing out the smegma that accumulates between the foreskin and the head.If necessary, this procedure may be repeated two or three times.Then in the slot, you can drop one or two drops of sterile oil (vegetable or olive).If you notice that your newborn experiences any difficulty with urination, such as urine is released very thin stream, and the child at the same time worried and crying, be sure to consult a specialist.These symptoms may indicate an excessive narrowing of the foreskin.You should also see a doctor if skin redness, or swelling on the penis of the boy.Do not try to treat the child self - inflammation may spread to the bladder and urethra.

Now you know exactly how to wash away the newborn boy, as well as how to care for his genitals correctly.We hope these tips will help you in taking care of the crumbs!