"The child from the refrigerator" - waiting for the birth of 20 years!

anonymous 42-year-old US citizen in May 2010, became a happy mother of a healthy baby boy, developed from the reception of the embryo, which was stored frozen for almost 20 years!

This amazing achievement proudly told the magazine ┬źFertility and Sterility┬╗."Young" the mother of 10 years was treated for infertility at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine Johns Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk.

At a certain stage of treatment in a woman's uterus introduced one of the two viable embryos, they choose a doctor 5 copies unfrozen for the occasion.

Chosen embryo was presented a pair of unknown institution, successful treatment of infertility specialists.Bud was waiting for defrosting 19 years and 7 months, and then developed in the allotted time, a new mother's stomach.

This unique event has become a record duration of the period between the beginning of embryo cryopreservation and safe childbirth.The case is also unique because frozen embryos not used infrequently by their biological parents.

Today, in the US alone about 500,000 frozen embryos, and there is no law defining the maximum period of freezing.In the UK, by law, the embryo can be stored frozen until 55 years!As a result of the use of such embryos can get all sorts of incidents with a mix of generations and family ties.

For example, in 2007 one Englishwoman has frozen some of their eggs, they could use to her 7-year-old daughter when she grows up, as the disease girl can make her infertile.Thus, if the girl will use the help of her mother, she could give birth to her own brother or sister of the mother.

And in May, a boy born from a frozen embryo 20 years ago there are biological sisters and brothers for 20 years his senior.Thus, doctors can not solve the ethical problem of occurrence of biological sisters Godyaev age mother in "frozen" kids, and mothers are biological sisters of these embryos.

the West now there is a question - not whether women will begin to freeze their embryos and ova in order to devote young career and other pleasures of life, and to give birth - in a more adult or the elderly?

In fact, experts say that it is theoretically possible to store frozen embryos for hundreds of years - but the case is complicated by a variety of outstanding ethical and legal issues.

And how do you feel about this issue?

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