Paid holiday

word "holiday" for the majority of the music sounds like.Proceedings for the citizens can not wait for opportunity to relax, unwind, go to the sea or to visit the warm country.

Let us consider who can take regular paid holidays, and on what terms.Any employee or worker relies the least 28 days of rest, regardless of whether he works full-time or half-time.What matters is that the employee has been formalized under an employment contract.Man without registration, working on parole, the authorities paid leave is not required to provide.

exception - people who are employed in seasonal work.This category of people management is obliged to pay the rate of vacation: two days of rest per working month.If the holiday falls on a public holiday - this period should increase by a corresponding number of days.

If an employee has only recently settled on this place, right on the main annual paid leave, he will earn only half a year of work.True, there are exceptions: citizens working part-time so that they can combine it with a holiday in the main job, persons who are under age, women who want to take a paid leave and combine it with maternity leave, and other categories of persons referred toin law, he may be granted in advance, if desired.

If an employee has worked on a new post only one year leave of absence will be granted on the basis of his statement.In the following year in advance a schedule of recreation for the whole team.An employee may secure a holiday at any time by agreement with colleagues and superiors.The graph is generated in a few weeks before the New Year.Subsequently, he is required to perform, both workers and management.If the schedule specified paid leave with the first of March, then leave for a vacation in mid-April it is impossible.At the request of employees and in agreement with the authorities can be divided into a rest period into two equal parts to 14 days.

If the employee belongs to a special category of citizens - a minor, teacher, police officer, or a disabled person, he was supposed lengthened paid holiday.In particular for people with disabilities it is thirty days.

If you focus on article 116 of the Labour Code, that certain categories of persons rely more vacation.For example, it relies citizens working irregular hours, or workers in the Far North and equivalent areas, as well as persons working in the production of hazardous and harmful conditions.More details on this information can be found in the corresponding article.

At the request of the employee's annual leave parts of the state, which is greater than twenty-eight days, you can not relax, and get it instead of monetary compensation.It is true that provision does not apply to pregnant women, young workers and people employed in hazardous occupations.These categories should rest due time in full.

If dismissal is not spent part of the holidays people can also get cash.Payment is calculated as 2.33 to pay for a day of rest for each month worked.

addition to regular paid holiday for some categories of employees targeted rely holiday provided for a purpose.This maternity leave, adoptive parents, who took in the family baby from the orphanage, training, leave to care for a child.Duration of holiday adopters is 70 days prior to the date of adoption and as many after.If desired, it can be extended to three years.