What are the job descriptions of the guard

Profession guards appeared in ancient times.There have always been people who were making good and those who wanted to kidnap him.People always knew that stealing is bad, but I could not resist the temptation to assign the result of the labor of others.Watchmen since the Stone Age had to "guard the good."This work seems simple at first glance.The guard must have strong nerves and stable psyche, that one day not to covet riches abandoned.After all, while on duty all in his power, and he is obliged to strictly follow the order and not allow outsiders to host.

Structure duties

Today guard is considered an employee who performs physical security of facilities (premises) and ensure its safety.Job descriptions watchman vary depending on the type of object: industrial enterprises, institutions and others.This work does not require any special knowledge and preparation.It may be practical to carry out any healthy and hardworking people.Job descriptions are developed watchman at each enterprise, based on the characteristics of production and operation.This document is accepted, includes four separate sections.Each of them, in turn, carries its own meaning.The first is called the "General Provisions" and provides information on the category, conditions of reception and subordinate employees.It also lists all he needs to know and what shall be guided in their work.Here we have in mind the rules of the STS, the organization's charter, ordinances and orders direct management, as well as how to use the technical means available at the workplace.Job descriptions guard also included in this list.The second section is entitled "Responsibilities" and a list of all that has to deal with the employee during the period of service.This includes the timely arrival on the job site and periodic inspections to check for the absence of outsiders.With the sudden detection of unknown persons, or traces of tampering keeper shall immediately inform the relevant bodies and their immediate supervisor.If found during the inspection of the fire site, you need to immediately call the fire department and also to notify the authorities.The third section is called "right."It provides the employee's right to clothing, means of communication and an isolated room for service.The fourth section, entitled "Responsibility" collected all the responsibilities of the guard during his shift.Job descriptions guard at various enterprises are almost identical.

How are security guards on the guards

guard Job descriptions are very similar instruction watchdogs.But there are some important differences that allow unmistakably identify specific profession:

1. Purpose.The guard protects the little object, but the keeper is obliged to promptly notify a relevant people about the dangers.

2. Preparation.Guards may only be a person specially trained.

3. Requirements for the specialist.Watchman for employment simply need to have an interview, and we must guard have a document confirming his qualification.

4. Additional powers.During incurring duty emergency guard has the right to use service weapons.

5. Ability to search.If the guard suspected someone of stealing, the inspection for it shall invite law enforcement officials.The guard has full authority to search on their own.

The rest is almost no difference.

Rules for

guard duty regulations developed in a particular enterprise and approved by his supervisor.The text of the document must be agreed with the head of the legal service in order to avoid the possible inaccuracies of a legal nature.At the end is a certificate for access to the employee's signature and the date.Officer, assumed the duties of the guard must be read carefully and thoroughly examine all that is written in the statement.Possible deviations or violations may result in criminal or administrative liability.