The division of labor - is the separation of different activities

division of labor - a criterion that applies both nationally and separately to each of its citizens.Today we'll talk about exactly what form it exists and how it affects the final results of the company or industry sector.

division of labor on the national scale

Considering the development of the economy of any country, you will notice that some of its regions, as a rule, maintain some kind of primary production.For example, the northern part of Russia we associate with the forest industry.Its products in the form of paper, cardboard and the forest itself comes to other areas of the country.Western Siberia - a major supplier of gas and oil, and central regions, the Urals and the Volga region - a stronghold of the industry.

In each state, you can clearly identify the areas of the mining industry, agricultural, trade and financial fields, and so on. N. Specialization of each of them, as a rule, is obvious, indicating the territorial division of labor.

This phenomenon is based on proximity to raw materials, historical or economic justification for the specialization of production.It, along with the division in the industry within the scope of the social division of labor.

functional division of labor

And within each production process there is a single division of labor.It provides for the functional separation of staff, based on the work carried out and their contents.

All work processes involving workers of different plan.They are, depending on their functions can be divided into workers, employees, professionals, support staff, administrators, and so on. D. Each of them contributes to the work of the entire enterprise.

Provided premeditated, precise organization and control of the company or institution will start operating at maximum profit.That is, the functional division of labor - it is the division in which each of the actors has a specific, well thought-out in the general framework of the work, allowing the entire plant or office to develop, generate income and, in turn, is a functional part of the activities of an industrystate as a whole.

Examples of division of labor

main problem functional division of labor is the definition of each of the participants on the professional qualities, level of specialization, the possibility of combining the individual functions within the enterprise.To do this, there are the following forms of division of labor:

  • Professional .It involves the separation of the content of the work and, depending on their specialty.
  • Technology .Shares the participants of the production process into separate groups to perform certain operations.
  • Qualifying division of labor - a form determined by the level of skill and experience of the participants of the production of any process.To evaluate the use of this tariff system, which allows to clearly identify the depth of experience and specialist knowledge in the field.

variety of forms and types of division of labor and in the whole society, and on a separate company creates the need to coordinate and regulate the cross-sectoral and inter-organ relationship.