How to sew a clown suit with their own hands

Baby New Year holidays should definitely be fun.And for this you need a carnival costume.In this article I want to talk about how you can make a clown suit with his hands.

Simple rules

First of all I want to say that he clown costume to be very bright and colorful.After all, the task of the hero - amuse others.Therefore it can be used most vivid fabrics that only want to.However, often when sewing clown suit with his hands used red, yellow, green and blue pieces.


Let's go from the top to the bottom of the child, ie. E. At the beginning we look at how to decorate the baby's head.This can be a cap-beret with a big pompon can be cheerful cap option for girls - thick kucheryashki which you can decorate a huge bow.One option would be to put the child on the head beautiful bright wig.I would like to tell you a little bit, how to make a hat-cap.You will need colored cardboard, from which the principle kulёchka for seeds rolled cap.Secured everything inside with tape, then cut off the bottom so that the cap was flat.For it is required to attach the rubber band (so the cap will not fall from the head of the child).You can decorate the bottom of the product for the rain, if not New Year holiday - cut across the edge of the corrugated paper.If desired, the cap can be painted or to make it certain applications.When you create a clown suit with his hands, it is important not to forget about makeup.So, kids can draw a big smile (more modestly - to put red dots on the cheeks and nose).Also, the child's nose can be put on a soft ball that will give way to have fun.


When making a clown suit with his hands special attention should be paid to the basic clothing, which will be dressed child.So if it's a boy, it is possible to put a bright color tee shirt, bright pants - this may be enough.But also a good idea to decorate such a simple costume.To this end, panties or knickers you can attach something to the type of braces worn by Carlson (piece of cloth that will stretch from the left side and a forehand over the right side of the back).Crepe is such a holder may be pretty big buttons.Also decorate the costume colored pieces of cloth, which can be clad pockets.If you need a girly kids clown costume, I can do my little daughter beautiful bright skirt with petticoats lush.You will need a bright cloth to the top, as well as something to create a lush lower skirts.This could be, for example, Hanging organza or usual thin mesh fabric.This petticoat is best done with an elastic band.First, cut out four circles podyubochnoy fabric length on waist size girl.All pieces of fabric worn down on the sides, on top of the assembly is done, everything is sewn to the elastic band - that's ready.On top put on a simple skirt (as it can be to sew).This outfit is combined with a bright tee shirt.


What else is necessary to provide for a clown suit with his hands?So if it's a girl, she is required to wear beautiful bright kolgotochki.They can be striped or solid color - it does not matter, as long as the legs are not lost on the background of the whole suit.If it's a boy, it can be worn under shorts bright socks.


is also important to choose the right shoes.If the presentation will take place in kindergarten, your child better than ordinary slippers to wear, or Gym shoes, but they need to be pre-decorate.In this case, useful pompoms that you just need to attach it to the top of each sneaker.Make them can be quite easy.From the cardboard you need to cut two circles with holes (for example, a circle with a diameter of 8 cm, a hole - 3 cm).On this circle tightly wound thread (knitting), the tip is well secured.Next on the end range of strings neatly cut, the auxiliary cardboard parts are removed, pompom pretty equal.That's all.


figure out how to make a clown suit, and it is also worth thinking about the accessories that you might need baby.As the clown has to entertain people in his hands may be bubbles, flute-tongue ball.On the neck of a child can be put on a large bow, tie a bright tie.It is also very important to give the baby unit at all times to smile because the clown get cheerful and mischievous.