The name of the dinosaurs.

At each stage of the conquest of the planet Earth existed certain animals becomes a kind of "elite" of his time.These beings were the last words of evolution, as well as the most perfect, the most intelligent and energetic at that time.In this article we will talk about dinosaurs - reptiles, prevailing on Earth 200 million years ago, or more precisely, their names.

Dynasty heyday

name dinosaur translates from Greek as "terrible lizards."Ancient reptiles were once present the crown of creation, the apex of development of reptiles.They ruled the ball more than 100 million years, remaining the undisputed masters of the land.These creatures were numerous, diverse.Not a soul at the time could not be compared with the terrible lizards.

Drama origin, rise and extinction of dinosaurs excited the imagination of mankind ever since people learned about the existence of the so-called Great Age of Reptiles.These animals are still carefully studying, collecting materials and finding more and more fossils.On the causes of the death of the dinosaurs dynasty, until recently, was not composed of a single opinion, and now this topic is constantly flashing scientific debate.

little taxonomy

Dinosaurs (pictures with titles presented in the article), as well as modern animals, can not be considered scientists randomly.To avoid confusion in a variety of mice, snakes, elephants, cats, frogs, beetles, zoologists in time all the animals were divided into certain groups, as it spread them "on the shelves."Each of these groups combines beings are similar in structure and origin.

main group of animals is their kind, combining a plurality of identical individuals.Related species combined in childbirth, or superfamily.Rod, in turn, is combined in the family;family - in units;forces - in classes, and classes - in types.For example, our views with you - a man of understanding, which is sort of the people from the family of anthropoids.We belong to the order of primates, class mammals, and represent a subtype of the type of vertebrate chordate.Here's a simple logic!

It is worth noting that without taxonomy do is simply impossible.Otherwise, you may get confused, because now on the planet there are several millions of different species of animals: it's the amoeba and the worm, and fly, and people.Similarly, it is working with the taxonomy of reptiles called dinosaurs.Types and names of these creatures lived in different eras, different too.All of them are briefly reflect the essence of life or the behavior of the animal, as well as the features of its structure.

would not only break the language!

As a rule, the scientific names of various animal sounds unusual for a simple man in the street, and some of them impossible to pronounce.This is understandable: they are traditionally given in Latin or ancient Greek.For example, the name usually reflects the particular dinosaur external structure of these reptiles or animals kinship to the expert (zoologist, a vet, a paleontologist) knew immediately which kind he deals.

fish-lizard and pangolin giant dinosaurs

name in most cases is an integral part - "Zavriev": Allosaurus, brontosaurus, ichthyosaur, Tyrannosaurus, etc.For example, the name "Brontosaurus" is translated as a giant, a huge lizard (see picture below).In addition, Brontesom name of one of the Cyclopes - Greek mythical giants.The name "ichthyosaur" is translated from Greek as the fish-lizard "ihtios" - a fish, "Zavriev" - a lizard.In this case, the name of this marine reptile shows us her appearance.


Sometimes the names of the terrible lizards can find the word "Dont," or "Don".This translates to a tooth.For example, one of the most famous dinosaurs of this group are Cynodont.This bestial lizards, are the ancestors of modern mammals.The name reflects the essence of these dinosaurs of the structure of the dental system and translates sobakozub "tsinos" - a dog, "Dont '- tooth.

Flying Dinosaur

name dinosaurs, rise into the sky, it has an unusual component - dactyl.Translated from the Latin word "daktilos" means finger.The most famous flying dinosaur is, of course, a pterodactyl.In the Russian translation of this paltsekryl: ancient Greek word "pteron" - a wing.

Who are zuhii?

often name the dinosaurs include strange word "zuhiya."In principle, here too, there is nothing difficult.This is often an integral part of the name is included in fossil reptiles: mezozuhiya, eozuhiya, pseudosuchian, pastozuhiya etc.So anoint ancient crocodiles and animals like them, as the ancient Greek word "zuhos" - a crocodile.

tyrant lizards among

Of course, it is impossible to ignore the world's most popular dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus rex.He and others of his kind - a dinosaur predators.The names of these reptiles speak about their superiority over other animals, as if crowning of these lizards.The word "Tyrannosaurus" is translated from Greek as the lizard-lord "tiranos" - lord, lord.

Family tree reptiles

As you know, reptiles are a separate class of vertebrate animals, divided into different subclasses.The most ancient and most primitive group of reptiles is a subclass anapsid.Paleontologists have come to the conclusion that no representative anapsid did not live up to the present time, and the last of their representatives has become extinct 200 million years ago!

From the root anapsid separated branch, dubbed Synapsid.This subclass ancient reptiles paleontologists carry our ancestors - the ancestors of modern mammals, to which a person belongs.Unfortunately, Synapsid also died out, and did not live up to the heyday of his descendants.

This is another subclass of ancient reptiles, separated from the base of the ancient trunk - anapsid subclass.This branch is divided into two others - archosaurs and lepidosauria.The first group includes crocodiles, flying dinosaurs and land, and to the second - hello now tuatara, snakes and lizards.By lepidosauria are already extinct aquatic dinosaurs with long necks, called plesiosaurs.