International Classification of Goods

Long ago there was a classification of goods in international trade, but recently she received a serious development.She now performs several important functions to help the customs, as well as the functioning of not only national economies but also the entire global economic system generally.Classification allows you to make sure everyone understands that under this or that product is the same, that there is no ambiguity and misunderstanding.But any such system must be able to work as a layman would be difficult to understand them.

There are several systems, but the most famous of them - it is the Nice Classification (International Classification of goods and services) in the world - a harmonized system, and in Russia as HS - commodity nomenclature of foreign trade activities.The first is mainly used for the registration of trademarks and patents, and the second and the third - for the customs clearance of goods.

ICGS already has 10 editions, the last of which is valid from 1 January 2012.It divides all goods and services on certain classes - Class 34 goods and 11 - services.The system is mandatory for use if the trade mark is registered in the international or national patent office.

Russian classification of goods in international trade is carried out with the help of the HS.It not only allows the unique identification of goods, but also sets him certain import or export duties.It's a pretty complex system, work with it requires some special skills and knowledge.

For example, if the goods can be classified into several categories, choose more specific.In the case of transport of multicomponent mixtures should systematize the product in accordance with the main component.If the two categories can be applied equally, should choose the one that has the highest sequence number.

Incorrect classification of the goods at the customs clearance faces protracted litigation with the customs authorities.Now this system is also used throughout the Customs Union.

nomenclature of the harmonized system - is the total for the world classification of goods.This system also divides them into several groups 5 levels, so that the identification of a product perfectly clear.Category encoded with a six-digit number.This system is a virtually all-encompassing, so that supplies goods to the designation of one group or another is usually not a serious problem, of course, for professionals.

All these systems, classifying products not only help speed up and facilitate the customs clearance of goods crossing the border, but also have the function of collecting statistics.With these systems, you can always find out how much of a product was imported into the country or removed from it.However, even these systems can not prevent fraudsters, smugglers and criminals to commit crimes that are contrary to the Customs Code.