Light phenomena, the causes of

light that celestial bodies send us, allows to determine the location and movement of the planets, the sun, the moon and other celestial bodies.Light phenomena in nature we see everywhere.In this we are helped by the eye, as well as special devices, which give the opportunity to learn about the structure of the heavenly bodies, even those that are at a distance of billions of kilometers from Earth.The observations with a telescope, and photographing of planets possible to study the cloud cover, the speed of rotation, surface features.

Nature planet Earth gives us a unique, rare, beautiful and incredible natural phenomenon.

Variety light effects

Here are some of them:

Okologorizontalnaya arc.It is also called "fiery rainbow."When light passes through the ice crystals of cirrus clouds, the sky is covered with colored stripes, and the sky seemed covered with "rainbow film."These light effects are very rare, as a natural phenomenon only occurs when ice crystals and the rays of the sun in relation to each other are at a particular angle.

Iridescent clouds.This effect also depends on how Sun is a drop of water from the clouds.Different colors determines the wavelength of light.

"Phantom of Brocken".Amazing light phenomena observed in some parts of our planet, if behind a man standing on a hill or mountain, the sun rises or sets, he may find that his shadow that falls on the cloud increases to improbable sizes.This is due to the refraction of sunlight tiny droplets of mist.Such an effect is observed on the top of regularly Broken in Germany.

Galo.Sometimes, the Moon and the Sun appear white circles.This is due to the reflection or refraction of light snow or ice crystals.In frosty weather halos that are formed by crystals of ice and snow on the ground, and reflected light scatters it in different directions, thereby producing an effect called "diamond dust".

Pargely.The word "sun dog" means "false sun".It is a kind of halo: the sky there is some additional Suns, located at present.

Everyone knows this atmospheric phenomenon like the rainbow that appears after the rain - the most beautiful atmospheric phenomenon.

Northern Lights.These light phenomena observed in the polar regions.It is assumed that the same phenomenon exists in the atmosphere of other planets, Venus, for example.Scientists believe that aurorae occur as a result of the bombing of the upper atmospheric layer of charged particles that move parallel to the Earth geomagnetic field lines from space, called plasma layer.

Polarization - is the focus in the space of electromagnetic oscillations of light waves.This phenomenon occurs when the light falls on the surface at a predetermined angle and being reflected, becomes polarized.Such sky you can see the camera using a filter.

Star trail.The phenomenon can be captured by the camera, and the naked eye can not do this.

Corona around the sun - a small colored rims around this planet or bright objects.They rarely occur in cases where the lights are hidden behind translucent clouds, and there is a ray of light in the water dispersion of small droplets, forming clouds.

Mirage - this optical effect, which is caused by the refraction of light rays when passing through layers of air with different densities.He expressed the emergence of fraudulent image.Mirages are often observed in hot climates, especially in the deserts.Sometimes they represent the entire objects that are on the observer at a great distance.

pillar of light.These are phenomena of light when light is reflected from the ice crystals are formed and the vertical luminous pillars like extending from the surface.The source in this case is the moon, the sun or artificial lights.