How to increase the FPS in CS: GO?

Once released Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it was announced present revival a series of CS, which positively perceived as her fans and ordinary players, who earlier in principle avoid this game or do not even perceive it because of the fact thatIt has recently been released quite a number of interesting shooters, from which CS Source well behind in graphics performance.

However, after he was released a new Counter Strike, the owners of slower computers on which peace was even Source, began to think about how to increase the FPS in CS: GO, because he just fell to indecent levels.

Why FPS is so low?

In fact, the low FPS is not surprising.Of course, most often think about how to increase the FPS in CS: GO owners rather weak computers, because a large number of people who for years actively playing CS 1.6, content with this game and did not go into more modern shooters like CoD orBattlefield for the very reason that their computers are commonplace not cope with the possibilities of the modern game.But, of course, there is a certain number of true connoisseurs of the series, who love to play Counter Strike because of the gameplay, and such people can be attributed not only the professional players attending various cyber championships.

addition sometimes happens that even if the computer under the normal system requirements for the game still will not get to enjoy the gameplay and you have to think about how to increase the FPS in CS: GO.Quite often the fault of the settings on the control panel directly to the graphics card, so that you need to install the correct root settings.

However, the problem is already there, and so you need to understand how to improve FPS in CS: GO in order to be able to at least play normally without any lag.For Counter Strike - a dynamic and active game in which any delay may result in a failure, not to mention how the effectiveness of falls in battle by the player with the computer constantly lag.

It's time to update your computer

Despite the fact that Global Offensive System Requirements really much higher than in the previous games of the series, as already close to capacity of more modern computers, the FPS is not so high, however really could be.So if you think playing CS: GO, how to raise the FPS, it is likely that you update your computer.In the overwhelming majority of cases for the game Counter Strike is enough for a standard PC under $ 400.Thus you can not only increase the performance of your favorite games, but will discover the opportunity to play in other contemporary designs.

Reduce setting

If you have no possibility / desire to update your computer, then the graphics can be sacrificed, if you really interested in playing CS GO, how to increase FPS.CS: GO, of course, lost some attraction, but you will still be able to play the game if your computer meets the minimum system requirements.It should be noted that a certain number of options can greatly affect your FPS, but in reality, even when these parameters maximize the image is not so much changing for the better.In particular, it concerns such parameters as smoothing.

If you do still does not work, then in that case you should definitely consider upgrading your PC.In fact it is the best option for the future, since the game come out and constantly updated both in gameplay and in graphics performance.

improve the quality of Internet connection

One of the most important steps in how to improve FPS at Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is to provide high-speed packet from the client to the server.In most cases, advantageous to increase this figure is quite enough use the TCP Optimizer.It is worth noting that this utility does not even need to be installed, that is, it can be used immediately after downloading.

addition carefully check the settings of your video card and try to put them in the best position to improve the performance of the chipset in the game.