Which windows is better?

gradual development of technologies has led to what is now impossible to imagine a world without personal computers.They are used for work, recreation, games and much more.The importance of their existence these days simply undeniable.But how much of the world's computers, and so much controversy about their use.We are talking about operating systems.Almost everyone has heard in my life the word windows or faced with it.Windows operating system is the most popular in the world, according to experts, more than 90% of all personal computers in the world use this particular system from Microsoft.But the varieties of windows themselves over the years there were many, and there are constant disputes about what windows better.We are not going to compare all the systems of windows, starting from the oldest and ending with the latest.We will choose the last three versions, referred to as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Though all of the above systems and similar to each other, but they are many and different.First of all, they differ in performance.This parameter is usually defined as all PC users, as well as in disputes about what windows better.There have been many tests of these systems.

The first test was to check the time of shutdown.Windows 7, it took only four and a half seconds, while the XP and Vista took 6.5 and 7 seconds respectively.Here we see a noticeable speed advantage from Windows 7.

The second test was to check the load time until the on-screen computer desktop.If Windows 7 it only took 12 seconds, XP and Vista took 14.1 and 14.5 seconds.respectively.Again the leader is Windows 7.

third test was to check the time before the full load operating system.What is the best windows this parameter is not difficult to guess.Again, the first place was taken by the seventh version with a magnificent result in 14.5 seconds.Lagging behind other operating systems it was very significant.XP boot of 23.7 sec., And Vista for 18.5 seconds.These simple tests showed that the seventh version is clearly superior to its predecessors, while XP and Vista are fighting almost equal.

tests on low-power computers like netbooks showed again that Windows 7 boots faster than their predecessors: to download the desktop and to complete boot.However, the work is completed it faster on Windows XP.What is the best windows for a netbook?Of course, this is - again Windows 7. Therefore, it is set on almost all notebooks and netbooks sold recently.

tests were conducted in the PC Mark Suite, reproducing everyday use of your system with various applications.The results showed clear superiority of Windows 7 over Vista's performance.After all these tests, it is clear what the best windows.

There is much debate about which is better windows, because each can find its fans.But tests have shown that it is - it is Windows 7. Yes, maybe it has its drawbacks, for example, work with some older programs, but the benefits it has just a lot.XP may work faster with the old games on older computers, but who are now willing to buy an old computer?In this world of emerging technologies at a constant output of new video cards, processors, motherboards, and everything else a clear advantage for the seventh version.Moreover, it works well with Java applications, and they just recently gained internet.Windows 7, better controls and cache, so when you open multiple windows at the same time, you will not have problems with the computer freezes and a violation of work.

Maybe you do not agree with the above statements, and the test results did not convince you - well, those interested in our world and that there's always room for an alternate judgment.And yet, no matter how you treat a new product, you should, at least for spravdelivosti recognize that Windows 7 - is a step forward from Microsoft.