On what continent is England, and what does it represent

England - one of the regions of the UK.It borders with Scotland and Wales respectively on land to the north and west.Many people wonder about the continent in what is England.In fact it is located on the islands.From the mainland it is separated by the Strait of Dover and the English Channel.

Asked about that, on what continent is England, it is possible to some extent to say that in Eurasia.This judgment can be considered the best, because the continent includes the nearby islands


England England is the most populous region of the country.It is home to more than 80% of the total population of the state.Its capital, as the capital of the UK is London.

wonder that England is a place where there was "invented" the English language and the Church of England.It became the first parliamentary country, has been developed and is famous for its industrial area at all times.

in England originated the scientific community, which has created an experimental science.

Climate England

Where is England, the continent is separated only a strip of water.This is what leaves its mark on the line weather of the area.

climate is generally considered to be warm.The proximity of the sea and the warm winter does not allow the temperature to fall below 3-7 degrees above zero.In summer, the temperature is not more than 16-20 degrees above zero.Sudden changes are possible in the spring and summer, especially in the mornings and evenings.

Precipitation Precipitation regularly.The driest time of the year called spring.In autumn and winter rain can be found in the highlands, and in the summer - in the south and east of the region.

coldest terrain is considered the northern part of England, where the London.But Westland - west and south-east - on the contrary, called the warmest.

area where Britain is best to visit in July or August.It is now considered supportive to the tourists, on the basis of weather conditions.


Getting to Britain a variety of ways.This can be a vessel, ship or plane.Wondering about the continent in what is England, we must understand that it borders on the continent only by water.The region harbors many secrets and mysteries, who want to know and see.This region is characterized by the highest number of UK attractions and historic sites.

optimal transport to travel to England itself is a bus or train.If desired, you can rent a car, but we must understand that it is a pleasure not cheap.To do this, you need to have the right to the appropriate category at the same age should be at least 21-24 years.

In the English city can travel by taxi.Common are relatively inexpensive due to the presence of the counter.Such a variation thereof, as the "Black Keb 'is considered a more expensive way to travel.

Where to go

question of what to see in England, many people are interested.This region is considered one of the richest in the sights and beautiful places.This is where you can meet the architecture of all periods and styles, to admire the beautiful castles and ancient fortresses, and see the wonderful gardens and wonderful parks.

called the Heart of England Tourism London.Here you can look at the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben admire, visit the shopping street of Oxford with its many boutiques.London is also famous for its museums, which are concentrated there in abundance.Each of them will acquaint you with certain aspects of the life and history of the British.A special demand is Madame Tussauds, which contains wax figures of legendary personalities and celebrities.You can look in the London theater that amaze and fascinate with their views.

If there is a desire to move away from the congestion and noise of the city, you can visit the Bicester.There are several hiking trails that will give unforgettable emotions and the sea of ​​positive.They include the palace and castle Blenem Warrick, Uedson Manor and Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as ancient English universities.

held annually in England and a variety of festivals.One of the most popular - book.The venue is a small village called Hay-on-Wye.In addition to exploring the education, science and the arts in England, there you can get to know the traditions of the region, make new friends and have a great time in the bosom of the wild nature.

British - people who do not like to disregard tradition.If you want your journey was vivid and memorable, it is necessary to respect the local customs.

trip to England - a sea of ​​sensations and unforgettable emotions for long.Be sure to make a memorable photo, bring family and friends with gifts and decide on what continent is England.