The level of knowledge of the English language: a bit of theory and practice

For anyone who studies a foreign language, it's important to know your level of ownership.It is necessary first of all to those who are planning to enroll in college, getting started or practice abroad.How to determine the level of English, which is one of the most popular around the world today?

course, you can get acquainted with the existing criteria and find it yourself.But whether such an assessment appropriate?Besides, you will not receive any document confirming your level of English.Therefore it is best to apply to a special school, where you will be asked to undergo testing.Note that at the institution was a necessary certificate for his conduct.

So how can the level of knowledge of the English language?


Do not rush to usurp zero.This level can be for those who have never encountered English.For example, if the school taught French.Beginners first learn the alphabet groups, pronunciation and so on.So, most of all, the knowledge you were at school, and write "zero" group would be a waste of time and money.


This level of knowledge of the English language can be assigned to those whose competence is limited to primary school.If you know some simple words and set phrases like «How are you?», But you can not build a coherent sentence, then you fit the elementary level.


man able to build basic sentences and understand the speaker.Vocabulary should be sufficient in order to be able to "survive" abroad.For example, you already know how to ask, where is the coffee shop, and you can make a reservation there.


On average, the lowest level you are able to easily communicate in simple themes and to speak without mistakes.A foreigner can understand you, and if he would speak slowly and clearly, then you have it too.In fact, already permissible to try to pass a test of international format, such as the Cambridge PET or TOEFL.The result, of course, is not very high, but why not try?


Do not believe the title.In fact, the average level of English - it is quite difficult.You must be able to communicate on various topics, albeit vocabulary often lacking, and sometimes you have to think about grammar.Intermediate level of English is already allow you to pass an international exam on average scores.


You are free to talk and not to make mistakes.If the test confirms this level, you have the opportunity to enroll in a foreign university or get a job out there that does not require a complex highly specialized communication.This Upper-intermediate is required in most higher education institutions.


In Advanced you know a lot of terms that are resistant revolutions, which are actively using in his speech.After passing the exam at this level, you are almost one hundred percent pass into any university abroad.Above this level, there are several, but most likely they will reach you when he will be staying in England.