How many continents there on the blue-eyed world?

Our planet is beautiful and surprisingly diverse.Seas and oceans, continents and islands, rivers and lakes, mountains and volcanoes create its unique face.Today we'll look at how many continents there on the blue-eyed world.

Some terminology

Before we talk about how many continents are on our Mother Earth, you must understand that it is.In science, the term "Mainland" refers to a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that rises above the level of the oceans.A continental crust is its foundation.

Responding to a question about how much of the continents on the globe there, a lot of options you hear.There are only six, but each of them has its own characteristics.We will talk about them in the next section.

continents of the Northern Hemisphere

So, how many continents there are on this planet, we have understood.Now let's talk about each of them separately.First look at those who are in the north.

  • Eurasia.It consists of two arrays, the two parts of the world, and the conventional boundary between Europe and Asia runs along the Ural Mountains.It is the largest continent of the earth, and it is bordered by four oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic).A large part of Eurasia is located in the Northern Hemisphere, including the Arctic Circle.In the southern hemisphere there are only a few islands and archipelagos.On the territory of the continent, there are about a hundred countries, and the Asian part - the most populated in the world.
  • second place in terms of dealing with Africa.This is the hottest continent in the world, because there is no aquifer mountains and glaciers, the snow can be found except on the highest volcanoes.The shores are washed by the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea.And in Africa, 53 countries are located.It is noteworthy that the continent is divided equator, that is, part of it is in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Southern part.
  • North America, as expected, is entirely in the Northern Hemisphere.Its territory is bordered by three oceans (Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic), as well as several seas that relate to their area.From the neighboring South American continent is separated by a narrow Isthmus of Panama.It is the third-largest continent, a part of which appear roughly 16% of the islands and their groups.There are just three countries: the US, Canada and Mexico.

How many continents in the south?

  • South America can be found in the Southern Hemisphere, and only a small part of it is located in the North.The boundaries of the continent outlines Atlantic and Pacific oceans.It accounts for about twelve percent of the land (the fourth largest in size), which has a dozen countries.The continent is considered to be the wettest since has the most full-flowing rivers, waterfalls, and the highest navigable lake in the same.
  • fifth-largest covers Antarctica.It is the coldest continent on whose territory is the South Pole.It is not countries, and the entire area is covered with snow and the centuries-old ice.Only occasionally there are places free of ice (the so-called oasis).The shores are washed by the Southern Ocean.
  • last - sixth the size of Australia takes.Besides her, the mainland are Tasmania and New Guinea.Australia - desert and sparsely populated continent, and on its territory there are only state (of the same name).The shores are washed by the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Conclusion So, how much of the continents and their names the reader already knows.We spoke briefly about their features, for a more detailed review of each of them could take more than one page.