Market "Lublin".

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Lublin - originally the village near Moscow, and later the village, and since 1925 the city.In 1960, at the end of the summer, the town became a part of Moscow and has become one of the many metropolitan areas.Lublin is located in South-Eastern Administrative District.

Comfortable accommodation in the area not only provide a cozy green yards, but the general infrastructure of the area.It will house a number of shops, supermarkets, hairdressers, cafes, restaurants, hotels.It also has playgrounds, recreation park, fitness centers, schools, colleges.In Lublin, domestic enterprises have settled down and, of course, the markets.

Moscow market - it's a great alternative to a city shopping boutiques and supermarkets.


housed in the Lublin:

  • Shopping Complex "Moscow", he is on the Tikhoretsk Boulevard.
  • market of building materials "Lublin field," located on the Tikhoretsk Boulevard.
  • market "Gardener", which is on the upper street field.
  • "bird market", which is also located on the street Upper field.

All of them can be classified on the basis of retail and wholesale sales.

By category of goods sold allocate markets:

  • clothing;
  • food (food);
  • mixed;
  • construction (building materials market).

Market "Lublin" - so often referred to in common shopping arcade, which is located near Lublin, "gardener", Lublin Farmers Market (now without any name), a shopping center "Moscow", "Lublin Field" ...


largest indoor retail and wholesale market Lublin has a very convenient location.It is close to the Ring Road, as well as to the center of Moscow, near the metro station "Lyublino".Despite the location of the shopping malls in the middle of residential areas, among Muscovites are very few sellers.The main contingent of dealers are from Vietnam and China.The latter factories and manufactories, while the Vietnamese are mostly resellers.Only the acquisition of their cheaper goods can be no question.


Market "Lublin" has a very large area with a very broad infrastructure.The market is easy to find:

  • ATMs and POS terminals;
  • offices of mobile operators;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • comprehensive provision of domestic services;
  • provision of entertainment services, including 8 cinema screens;
  • hotel rooms;
  • car services: parking fee, parking for 3000 avtomest, parking for disabled, organized autodelivery both in Moscow and in the territory of Rosiyskoy Federation;
  • loading, unloading, discount warehouses with convenient access for loading;
  • information desk, it can always be accessed, by any chance still need help.

unforgettable experience market "Lublin" equip children in the play area, a lot of fun they provided accurate.

variety of goods

Once in the shopping arcade Lublin as if you find yourself in another world.Each market offers a much needed commodity.

Clothing market Lublin, regardless of age and season offers: youth clothes and shoes, jeans, sports clothes and footwear, children's clothing and shoes, accessories, underwear, outerwear, hats, umbrellas, purses, sunglasses and jewelry.Fur, leather and sheepskin.Cosmetics and perfumes.Linens and curtains are also housed in this market place.

Food Market is also an abundance of goods.Here you can find everything you need for everyday or festive table.

Lublin construction market has almost everything necessary for construction and repair."Serious" company settled in shopping malls.A private traders in tents.The differences between them are practically no, but the one to go item, choose the course, customers.

pluses and minuses

the downside of stalls must be attributed

  • monotony of goods.For something "exclusive" should be run this well.
  • not very high quality product.Merchandise must be viewed very carefully, that is not welcome in the wholesale purchase.Often, the product has an unpleasant odor, which smelled entire shopping mall.
  • Sellers often do not know the Russian language.This greatly complicates communication.In explanation it takes a long time.

plus a vast shopping complex, is the presence of a variety of goods in large quantities.

The good thing about the market pricing.A good product for reasonable money - it's great!Only attentive to purchases necessary.We need to examine very good buy, and bargaining is always welcome.When compliancy seller can decently "throw" price.


pleasantly surprised by a variety of restaurants and canteens.Taste the dishes offer a variety of cuisine: European, Caucasian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Oriental, Russian, in general, for every taste there is something to eat and even dinner with close friends and loved ones.


Ways and means of travel to the wholesale market Lublin varied.

If you use the services of Metro, you need to get to the bus stop "Lublin".

By rail you can reach the station "Lyublino" (in the past - station "Lyublino-Green Valley").

road need to go to the south-east of the capital.The market is located between the Ring Road and street Lublin.

from southern Ring Road in Lublin need to go through the transport interchange Conversations Brateevo-through area Marino.


Championship among the largest metropolitan marketplaces given to the first multifunction Fairgrounds "Moscow".Lublin Wholesale Market was established in 1997 and perfectly complements the development of centers of wholesale and retail trade.At the site area of ​​175 000 sq.m housed 5,000 pavilions for trade.The market gives buyers the opportunity to purchase all you need in one place.Products are updated constantly and regularly updated, so her choice on the market is always great.

almost all areas of a great city make wholesale purchases in Lublin.Moscow market of wholesale and retail welcomed.Though many area residents, of course, against the daily strings transport and accumulation of garbage, as well as other permanent nuisance, especially in the "bazaar" days, and at the management level of the city is constantly endure this question for discussion.But not all residents of the capital can dress up in expensive boutiques and pay big bucks for a famous brand.

Not all customers are interested in bulk purchases.Many people come to the market, "Lyublino" of things, it is only necessary to them personally or their family members.In such a market, you can update your wardrobe for the whole family and at the same time save a lot.