Meditation "The energy of love": it gives you

Meditation "Power of Love" - ​​one of the most powerful exercises.It will help not only to defeat self-doubt, but also to send to the world of love, to become its personification, to overcome the ills and troubles.With this you will not only be attractive to others, but also begin to believe in themselves.

Based meditation "The energy of love" for the most part on the feeling, but it should be fairly accurately create audiofon that will help you in carrying out this process.Actually, there are lots of variations of this exercise.You can choose from a ton of video and audio on this topic.The problem is that different people need different songs, music.Someone help the sounds of nature, and someone will help you configure easily slow tracks by Rammstein.

So you have to do?Firstly, you should choose a calm, relaxing your music.The main condition - it should you like.If you do not accept audiofon and annoyed by the process, then you do not come out.Meditation "The energy of love," it requires you to calm and pleasant music.Conduct exercise should be every day, but you can change tracks and you need if you are tired.In short, change yourself for his inner self with all its vagaries.

main goal pursued meditation "The energy of love" - ​​not to get the others to love you, but you do loving.Note that if you smile, then willy-nilly people respond the same to you?

So meditation "love energy" direct from Louise Hay.Duration is on average fifteen to twenty minutes.Turn on your favorite music, go to (if desired can cover) and relax.First, try to calm the cycle of thoughts in my head, and give them a good, pleasant direction.Think about what you enjoy to do, see, feel.

Begin to calm his breathing, feel it, but without fanaticism.Feel like oxygen to fully fill your lungs inhale and exhale begins to penetrate into every cell of the body through the bloodstream.In this inspiratory air is cool, and already on the exhale becomes warm.

After a few such conscious breaths, imagine that your heart was born a tiny spark, which is the very love.He becomes every exhalation brighter and more, gradually going beyond the heart and spread throughout your body.You can give it any color.It fills your chest, abdomen, legs, arms, and eventually you warm wave covers from head to toe.At the same time, you feel comfortable on this beautiful feeling.Every cell in the body responds to the fire, and you focus on the sensations, releasing extraneous thoughts.

If you have the disease, they are burned in the fire.If you visited the disaster, they disappear like a shadow in the bright light of love.Anything that does not coincide with the vibrations and waves of love, just disappears forever and no longer affects you.Meditation on Love helps you get rid of all the bad things that hurt you love yourself and the world around you.

But the fire does not stop only on your body.He begins to fill its gentle warmth and light of the space around you, feeds them all around and doing better by eliminating the accumulated negativity.After this fire gets into the house and its inhabitants, fueling their love and light, healing of ailments and negativity.Imagine that it gradually covers not only the house but also the street, neighborhood, city, state, country, and in the end the whole world.If you look at the top of this beautiful and enchanting spectacle, sending around the world and the cosmos his love.In these moments you merge with everyone and everything, experiencing boundless gratitude and love.

When meditation of love is over, then you have to lie down for a bit, and after a good stretch, releasing energy and get up to bring the energy of your love to all those who today see and meet.