As a girl to learn to dance lezginka?

can confidently assert that any dance, full of soul, this is not just a set of dance movements, a performance with a full composition: the beginning, the climax and ending.If we talk about lezginka, it is not just a show - this enchanting view that the first pas mesmerizing the audience and keeps it in the power voltage to the latest sounds and bow dancer.

giving advice on how to learn to dance lezginka girl in the first place it should be noted that without the actor's talent and hot temperament fulfill lezginka "bang" can neither woman nor man.Yes, this dance requires a certain physical fitness, strength and endurance, but lezginka must be able not only to dance, but also to play.Do you want to master this art of, but do not know how?Learn to dance lezginka only one who has a fiery temperament, acting talent, grace and a great desire.

This is one of the oldest dance known in the choreography.Its history goes back at the beginnings of the ancient rituals of the pagans living in the Caucasus and the accompanying dance their combat performance.The main element lezginka around which the whole composition is built, the image of a proud eagle.Dancer shows him straightening his arms like wings and rising on tiptoes.This choreographic exercise is not only the basis lezginka, but also a symbol of the dance, which in ancient times raised the morale of the men and helped them to attract women.

In the age of the emancipation of women is not surprising that more and more members of the fairer sex are wondering "how a girl to learn to dance Lezginka".Although, in fairness, it should be noted that in ancient times women were taught the art of the dance, which they showed at the wedding ceremony.The task of a guy who danced with her, was to ensure that the young beauty not to let go, a variety of gestures blocking her escape route.One of the main demands of bygone times to how to learn to dance Lezginka - a girl in any case it was impossible to touch the boy.Harsh laws mountains could be punished for such an oversight death of both performers.Today, of course, other manners, but the principle that the dance partners are also observed.

Modern lezginka - Georgia's cultural heritage, you can learn almost any corner of the globe.And wondering how the girls learn to dance Lezginka, it is necessary, first of all, try to find the professionals of the dance.It does not matter who wants to learn this art - a woman or a man, lezginka now available and popular among both sexes and of different nationalities.Yet, as a girl to learn to dance lezginka mean it weaker constitution is somewhat more complicated than men for the fairer sex are developed and special lessons.

lezginka If desired, you can learn on its own, is only a few times to watch the dancers.But if you want to achieve some special results, it is better to address in special schools or dance classes that specialize in it.Especially as dance, and learn in a fun lezginka companies agree that much more interesting.