What is a socket for electric cookers?

Despite the fact that in most modern residential buildings use gas heating, speakers in Russia is steadily growing popularity of electric stoves.For the most part they are used in country houses, where sometimes there is no normal gas heating system.Therefore, for the majority of country houses electric stove - it's just salvation, because it can help to quickly cook any food.However, in order to ensure that in their home such a "paradise", just install this device in the kitchen will not be enough.The fact that the socket and plug for electric cookers are substantially different from those we are used to is usually seen in the walls.Therefore, along with the purchase of electrical equipment should also take care to purchase a special outlet for him.


Currently there are several types of these devices:

  • single-phase outlet;
  • three phase outlet.

Each of these devices has its own characteristics.For example, a socket for the appliance of the second type has several phases.In addition to the main there is still "zero" and "earth".And these are the 3-phase devices are most often used in modern homes and buildings.The first type is less universal in their design, so it can be seen only in old buildings.Also worth noting is that if you choose an outlet of the second type, the entire network in your apartment or house should also be implemented on the principle of a three-phase connection.

Current load

At the moment, almost all modern electric stoves (domestically produced or imported, it does not matter) create strain on the system of the order of 20 amps.But conventional sockets to which is connected a washing machine, television and other devices can only operate at up to 16 amps.This means that the usual outlet for the appliance is not suitable, and at the first case, it is simply burned.In addition, it is possible that such work there a short circuit, after which will have to change your entire electrical system.


usual outlets under the cooker, as a rule, is not the most attractive, so it should be installed away from human eyes, but not in the most remote places.

How much is a socket for the appliance?

At the moment, the price of such devices is about 100-250 rubles.It is normal for the appliance outlet overseas production (excluding China) will cost from 200 to 250 rubles.When buying pay attention to the fact that the Chinese unit is not always withstand the loads for which they are intended.Therefore, even though they are cheaper, but they have to be replaced more frequently.


Thus, outlet for electric cookers allows instant transfer of electric current from the source to the consumers' and the element has its own characteristics, mainly concerning the shape, design and current load (more than 230-240 volts, or more than 20 Amps Voltage)that in all cases an order of magnitude higher than that which is characteristic of conventional devices.