How to choose a hood for the kitchen?

modern hood - it's not just a device that removes unpleasant odors, but also the object, effectively complementing the interior of the kitchen.Therefore, when buying is important to pay attention not only to technical parameters, but also on the extent to which harmoniously fit acquired thing in the overall design of the house.What better hood for the kitchen and how to choose the right?

forms and types

The first thing to pay attention to the product design.The form of the device - this is the important aspect, which plays a role in the final design of the kitchen.It depends on whether or not to look at the background of other items hood or not.Good ventilation should harmoniously complement and enliven the design of the room in which it is installed.

The shape of the hood are as follows:

  • flat;
  • dome;
  • built.

To understand the issue, how to choose a hood for the kitchen, consider each of these species.The first type of structure is mounted directly on the wall.Equipped with flat mechanisms special fan and filter.By its very cost they are available on the Russian market, and their design is quite attractive.However, it is worth mentioning that the flat device is very noisy while working and do not have access to the ventilation.Yes, and filter elements to change them often enough.

next type - dome hood.These devices also look good on the background of the overall design of the interior kitchen.Their main advantage is the opportunity to furnish not only plastic, but also wood inserts.A housing unit is made usually from an all-metal steel, which guarantees a high resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage of various kinds.

Rating hoods for the kitchen shows that some Russians prefer to choose not flat, not domed, namely embedded devices.These devices look from the rest of the furniture is very ergonomically mounted in an overhead cabinet above the stove.Their design allows you to conveniently hide the ventilation pipe and filter elements do not change more than once every six months.Also worth noting retractable hood built-in type.The panel in such device extends only to the time necessary to cook the food.There are such devices drawing more of the first type, but in terms of aesthetics look much better than flat, as the secret pipe vent.

How to choose a hood for the kitchen?Please note the performance

In terms of the technical parameters of the main aspect is the power products.Calculate the value can be based on the volume kitchens, wherein the resulting value must be multiplied by 10. In general, in residential areas the ideal option devices serve capacity of about 500 cubic meters of air per hour.

How to choose a hood for the kitchen?Noisy

Do not choose highly potent products, as they are very noisy and create some discomfort in the preparation of dinner.Best acquiring device with a noise level less than 60 dB.

At this stage, the question of how to choose a hood for the kitchen, can be considered considered.