How to teach your child to count?

Sooner or later, almost every parent is faced with the question of how to teach a child to count.There is nothing better than to see that your pipsqueak seeks new knowledge and making progress.Unfortunately, not all kids immediately picked up by a parent initiative and begin to actively and with interest to learn numbers.However, there is nothing to worry about.No need to rush, it is important to remember that every child is different.If one begins to manifest the desire for knowledge is two years old, the second you can be interested only when he is 4-5 years.Typically, parents are seeing their baby is ready to get acquainted with the wonderful world of numbers.So, teaching children the account should begin only when the child is ready for it.

must remember that haste in this case - is not the best assistant.If you want to not only teach your child to the account, but to instill in your child the love and thirst for knowledge, is to be patient.You will also need special literature, proven methods of teaching numeracy and counting stuff.On your way can meet some difficulties: the baby may lose interest, start to act up.This is not a reason to postpone your classes, it is necessary to review the delivery of the material, while adhering to the previously scheduled plan.

It is important to remember the limitations of age.Child in a year or two just do not know how to establish logical connections and space to think, so it's best to start the development of these abilities with two years.

count to 10

Want to quickly teach a child to count to 10?Take on arming gaming tactics.Use the world around: objects indoors and outdoors, animals, toys.Combine business with pleasure: going for a walk, count the number of children on the site in an amusement park, you can find a place on a swing, feeding pigeons in the square, count birds at home drinking tea - candy.In short, to limit their imagination is not necessary.Very soon you will see how the baby itself begins to consider everything he sees around him.

modern educational books for children will also have a significant help in achieving your goal.After three years of a child quickly and easily learn how to count to 10. Do not forget to build on the success: the baby should not be confused figures.

Count to 20

After the first ten digits are mastered, one may wonder how to learn to count to 20. Methods of teaching children the account up to 20 can be different.You can use the counting material and simply memorize numbers, but if you are interested in how to teach a child to read correctly, it is better to act on a different circuit.It should be explained that all ten digits following the same rules apply as in the case of numbers up to 10, changing only ten.It is worth paying attention to children's books that tell you how to teach your child to be considered quickly.

Count to 100

After the child understand the general principle that further training would be very simple.Tiny easily learn to count not only to 100, and 1000, 10 000 and so on.

techniques numeracy

not so important, you make the first steps in learning the child's account or you want to help your child learn to count to 100. Modern educational literature makes it quick and easy to achieve any purpose, with the help of special books, you can teach a child to be consideredin mind.

most effective method - Finger method.In this case, the role played by the material counting fingers child.With this method, your baby is not only to learn to count to 10, but also develop motility of fingers.However, in the view of the child, each figure will correspond to a finger, so an oral account may have problems.Teaching mental arithmetic - a rather complicated process.Once mastered this stage, the baby will be able to go to the next - the bank in mind.

course, can not do without a countable material.Optimally choose special collections whose elements are different bright colors.Not a child can remain indifferent if he offered to count the fruit, mushrooms or cucumbers.It is useful to be

and specialized books that will answer the question of how to teach a child to count.The choice of such books on the market today is very wide, but the most popular Russian book by Olga Zemtsova parents.It is not just about the publication of "The figures and the account", also pay attention to the benefits of "developing the memory," "Develop thinking" that will bring undoubted benefit during training account.Methods Olga Zemtsova based on the game, and the author takes into account all the features of child psychology.Through a combination of various methods of influence, can not receive the results as soon as possible.The kids at the same time acquire other useful skills.