How to cook an omelet: various options for meals

omelet can be made from one egg (natural) or with additives.This is used as meat, fish and a variety of dairy products, vegetables, greens and even berries or fruits.They can be mixed with raw eggs or an omelet wrapped in a ready - in this case it should be fairly thin.By omelet with additives can make the sauce, to taste the right to its filling: milk, tomato and others.

Before you make an omelet, eggs should be washed thoroughly with warm water.For a natural omelet they break into a bowl or pan, salt, add a little milk (1 tbsp. L. To egg) and fluff.Then the mass was poured on a hot frying pan and fry over high heat.When it begins to thicken, it is possible to accurately turn with a spatula on the other side.Before you cook scrambled eggs with milk, it is necessary to ensure the freshness of the latter: the coagulated product spoil the dish.

It turns out tasty omelet with cheese.Before you make an omelet for this recipe, you need to take a slice of white bread (50 g), cut with a crust, and the flesh soak in milk and mash with a fork.Bread connects with raw eggs (3 pcs.) And grated cheese (50 g), the weight of whipped and salted to taste.Roast such as scrambled eggs, as well as natural, in a well-heated frying pan.He received a much more magnificent if the proteins previously beat with a mixer in a solid foam, separated from the yolks.

as a filling for omelets, you can use almost any vegetables (zucchini, potatoes, green beans, pumpkin), as well as mushrooms.At the same time on two eggs take 50-100 grams of vegetables and 1 tablespoon of milk.Before omelette with one of these components, salted and diced vegetables (mushrooms - plates) are fried in oil for several minutes, then poured only their eggs.Potatoes need to fry until cooked.Ready omelette well pour cream sauce and sprinkle with herbs.

Seafood lovers can prepare seafood omelet or scrambled eggs with shrimps.To do this, pour beaten eggs cooked shrimp third cup or 50 grams of fish, pre-cooked, boned and finely chopped.Before serving seafood omelet sprinkled with white pepper and pour melted butter.

Children love fruit and berry omelets.If your baby is not very willing to eat the eggs, then the advice on how to make an omelet, which can be eaten as a dessert, you will certainly come in handy.To prepare the omelet with apple fruits are washed, cleaned of skin and cut out the core.Apples cut into thin slices and fry in a pan with butter for 1-2 minutes.Whipped egg poured on top, stirred directly into the pan and fry as natural omelet.The finished dish is sprinkled with sugar.

Here's another recipe for an omelette Sweet little more complicated: egg-berry souffle.For him, you will need half a cup of any fruit (can be thawed), you need to mash with a fork and fill with sugar.Saucepan with berries put on the fire, it added 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, bring to a boil and slowly pour 1 teaspoon of starch, stirring constantly.After berry mass thickens, remove it from the heat.Yolks pound two eggs until white with 1 tablespoon of sugar or powdered sugar and a small amount of vanillin (pinch).Protein shake up a mixer in a solid foam.Gently combine the egg yolks and mix with proteins.

omelet fried in a greased pan with the lid on low heat until its top is propechetsya.Then spread on top berry weight, neatly wrapped in the envelope scrambled eggs, sprinkle with sugar or powdered sugar, and put for 2-3 minutes in a well-heated oven until the sugar turns into caramel.