Case of loss of passport, what to do

Everyone has a document proving his identity, and this document is a passport.Case, such a situation when suddenly urgently need a passport, and you can not find it.Well, if he lost the house, and if not?You took the loss of the passport, what to do in this case, not everyone knows.Yes, and just do not realize how to begin the search.Or should immediately draw up a new document?

loss of documents including passports, fraught with consequences that will more serious than their recovery.That is why it is necessary as soon as possible to begin to act.

If everything had happened the loss of a passport, you know what to do, but do not realize that you lost time spent on independent searches, only played into the hands of swindlers.You will be checked for involvement in the crime, you will prove that you have an alibi for the time of the scam.But, you guessed it, the problems will be serious.

First of all, you must apply to the loss of the passport department of the Federal Migration Service in the place of permanent residence or actual place of residence.It is necessary to introduce an employee FMS copies of birth certificates, registration of a divorce, four photos of the established sample, receipt of payment of state duty for form of passport, extract from the financial and personal account and the house of the book (for permanent residence) or a copy of the certificate of registration at the place ofstay.

When asked what to do if your passport was lost, and you need a proof of identity, there is an answer: you say about his loss, and for the period of its execution, you have to issue a temporary identity card.

If civil passport is stolen, you should contact the District Department of Internal Affairs, or in the police department at the place of theft, where you apply that to the old passport invalidated.After 3-5 days you will be given a certificate upon which you can draw up a new document.

Further, with an extract from the house, with four photos of a standard form, with a receipt of payment for the form of the passport and a certificate from the police come to your area and FMS detail in the statement describes the situation as a lost passport.Remember, you have to pay a fine for negligent or careless storage of your passport, because of which it was lost or stolen.If there was a loss of a passport, what to do: it is necessary to pay a fine of 300 rubles, and if this is not the first time - is 500 rubles.Within two months, maybe even earlier, you get a new national passport.

Now let's talk about what to do if you lost passport.You will also need to contact the police at the place of loss, or the principal place of residence.In the same way we write a statement about the loss of the passport, and obtain the card, notifying that the statement made by you.Then we collect the documents are the same as in case of loss of your passport, and We serve them in the regional department of the Federal Migration Service.The package of documents should be the same references as in the loss of your passport, plus:

  1. Copies of all pages of your passport, except for the blank;
  2. Application form in duplicate;
  3. copy of the work book (all pages with notes), printing, assure their validity;
  4. Birth certificate (original and copy);If you have a child over the age of two years - three of his pictures;
  5. Men - certificate from the recruiting office;
  6. For pensioners - a photocopy of the pension certificate;
  7. receipt of the savings bank on the payment of state duty;

Now you know, if there was a loss of a passport, what to do.Now we can prepare the application form, the application for the passport at home on the computer.After making all the necessary data, the application must be certified if you study, the questionnaire must be certified by an educational institution, if you are working - on the job, if you have no employment history or you do not work - the local HCS.

thus lost passport, you must go through his recovery, which in future will make you handle documents more responsibly.