The aircraft.

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About to take off and hover there, like birds, people dreamed of since ancient times.Observations feathered dictates that a person needed to fly the wings.Ancient Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus tells how was constructed the first self-made aircraft - wings of feathers held together by wax.Following the mythical heroes, many daredevils developed its own design of the wings.But their dreams go up in the sky did not come true, it ended in disaster.

next step in an attempt to devise a working aircraft was the use of mobile wings.They are driven by the power of the legs or arms, but only clapping and raise the entire structure in the sky were not able to.

Do not stay aside and Leonardo da Vinci.Known development Leonardo flying machines with movable wings, set in motion by human muscle power.The first aircraft, which was designed by the brilliant Italian scientist and inventor, is considered the prototype of the helicopter.Leonardo depicted circuit device provided with a huge propeller of the impregnated starch, flax material with a diameter of 5 meters.

According to the designer, the four men had a special lever to rotate in a circle.Modern scientists say that in order to bring this design in motion, muscle strength of four people was not enough.But if Leonardo da Vinci used as a trigger powerful spring, his aircraft could make a short-term, but the real flight.This development designs for flying da Vinci did not stop, he designed sets that could soar by force of the wind, and in 1480-ies painted drawing device "for jumping from any height without any harm to humans."The device, the picture in the picture is not very different from the modern parachute.

No matter how surprising it may sound, but the first aircraft that took to the skies, was stripped of his wings.At the end of the eighteenth century, the Montgolfier brothers, the French Jacques Etienne and Joseph Michel, invented awkward balloon.The aircraft, filled with warm air, could lift cargo or people.The first person to climb into the sky in a balloon, a hot air balloon became the National Inventors Pilatre Jean-Francois de Rozier.A month later, he made a hot air balloon in the company with the Marquis d'Arlandom first free flight.This happened in 1783.

balloon-balloon moved by the will of the wind, people are thinking about controlled flight.In 1784, just one year after the first flight in a balloon, a famous scientist, mathematician, inventor and military engineer Jacques Meunier presented the draft of the airship (translated from the French word meaning "controlled").He came up with an elongated streamlined airship, the method of fixation of the nacelle to the ball, ballonet inside the shell to fill a gas leak.And most importantly - Meunier aircraft was equipped with a propeller that rotates had to push design forward.

only bring the brilliant idea of ​​Jacques Meunier in those days it was not possible, the right propeller had not yet been invented.

In any case, it is due to the development of scientists of past centuries and their homemade aircraft made possible the development of modern aircraft and the emergence of fast, roomy and reliable aircraft.