What should be the steak fish

What is the steak of the fish?To begin with let us recall how it all began ...

little history

Earlier dish that we used to call steak, bore the name "struganina."This amazing food is rooted in the Arctic.It was there, and was invented by a special way of cooking fish.

in the capital is not often you can find this dish, because it is considered to be extremely food Siberians.In itself, the name speaks of the principle of the preparation.This relates primarily to cut, that is the fish do not cut and planed.This process is really a very interesting and entertaining.At the same time it is quite simple to learn.Let's get acquainted with the way the fish is done steak.

Which fish should be taken

Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčnorthern food is not just.First of all, because only in those waters you can find the ideal fish for this dish.Living in the North of the fish clean, so this fact is one of the key when it is selected.This is very important because the fish are not subjected to heat treatment - be it cooking, frying or any other of its kind.

Another important point is that the steak from fish never made from killed or found fish on the ice, as such considered bad form among residents of the North.So you should be very careful when buying fish at the market of Yakutsk, because the cases of poor sales and frankly poor-quality goods.

How to determine the quality of fish

So, if you decided on what to cook yourself stroganina, you should remember a few axioms for choosing the right fish for her.These rules contain any step by step recipes of northern dishes.As already mentioned, the fish to die a natural death and should not be rotten.If you buy poor quality goods, then you will never get a really tasty steak.This dish fish extremely popular these days - not only in the North, but also in other regions of the country.

If she threw the fish on the ice, its gills are covered with blood.Therefore, in the market, it should be visible.But here it is to be careful, because the blood of the fish sellers can replace beef.But this blood is thicker and darker.Also look at the scales - it should be pink.But the eyes of fish should look like frozen proteins - in the form of points.Also, please note the following from the network.They do not disappear on fish for a long time and in various ways to remove them is simply impossible.

Preparation for cooking stroganina

prepare light and tasty absolutely everything.Many scary steak recipe which in this case is quite simple.First of all, you should remember four basic things for this dish.The first - a frozen fish, then - well-sharpened knife, as well as strong hands and a sharp mind.All together give the desired result - a tasty and properly cooked stroganina.

for this dish is best suited species of fish such as sturgeon, whitefish, whitefish and cisco.By definition, fish steak - it's the fish that immediately after the catch was put into deep freeze.It is very important is that it is thawed before cooking once.

also vybranennaya fish should not be a long time in the open air, because then the taste will be "cotton".To store such fish should be tightly tied bags to it did not get any sun or air.It is also suggested to impose fishing snow or ice glazing.These methods are generally used for long-term storage of the fish.

cooking process

Choosing the right fish, you can start cutting it close.All processes at the same time should be strictly step by step.Recipes in the case of cooking stroganina virtually indistinguishable.Central to them is the way to cutting.You should begin with the head and tail up.Perform necessary cutting around the circumference of the fish.Prior to that, all fins should be cut.After the first cut abruptly fish should be cut lengthwise.

Samu fish to keep his head.If necessary, it is possible to cut off the nose more comfortable fit in the hand.Now comes the most important moment in the preparation of - a sharp knife, start to whittle similar in size to small slices of fish meat.You will see how they will soon develop into a beautiful tube - and it turns out a real steak.Many photos artwork in this case confirm how this dish is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing in appearance.

Once all the slices are cut, they must endure the cold.This is done to ensure that food supply is correct - that is, slices of fish must be frozen without fail.

serving dishes

Besides the fish steak - it is also the sauce, without which no meal is complete.How to cook stroganina, it is clear, it's pretty easy to do.But the sauce is ready for it is simple.For stroganina suitable for almost any kind of sauce because the dish is simple.Therefore, you can choose your most anyone, but I want to note that to cook it stands on its own, rather than using the purchase.For stroganina very suitable tomato, cream and mustard sauce.It all depends on your individual taste.It is also possible to use Chinese sauce, which comprises soy, ginger, garlic and vinegar.

Serve slices stroganina need on one large platter.The sauce it should be poured into a separate bowl, which he would not have contact with the fish.Sami slices, as already mentioned, before serving to cool in the cold.