We - the labels!

Now the man from childhood occupied important thing - he chooses a label.

- hello!

- hello!

- who are you?

- I - the artist ...

- and I - General!

- I - programmer

- and I - Professor

- I - businessman

- and I - policies ..........

We - Mark.

- who you want to be?- Ask the parents their child

This is the beginning of system programming.

question the absurd !!!

who he wants to be?- Nobody.

He has become - he was born a man.

and can do in this life, whatever they want ...

He was given less than a hundred years for the living.Enjoy life ...

But since (maybe) when it was before.Now you can not do.

Now the man from childhood occupied important thing - he chooses a label.

I recently conducted a survey on how much interest by the person - no one answered - ONE.

But the label should be alone.It can be a couple more, but the main one is necessary.

Labels may vary, but should always be.Who are you without the label?

no label, no one knows how to communicate with you.

acquainted with the new man, we quickly find out "who he is"

And if he did not confess?

Imagine a few years ago I dropped all the shortcuts.Now seeming I often say - I ... What a strange man - no, a label - it becomes easier for people to communicate.

- who you want to be?

Children have always understood the absurdity of the question, but to the end of the school they have been able to impose this stereotype.Previously ...

Last time I meet more and more young people are not built into the system of labels.

it pleases me.People are starting to realize that sticking yourself a professional or "socially significant" label, they become subject to someone else's rules.

guys, giving you a shortcut - you are classified, have withdrawn personality.

And they do it with your own hands, forcing the proud label issued ...

who boasts of his achievements in life without using labels?

Or rather, let's brag highest shortcuts for life was replaced and whose last label is cooler?:)

Dmitry Vasadin

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