Language - the mirror of health

long time ago, and when there was no trace of any X-ray or blood pressure monitors or equipment for the analysis of blood, doctors put a surprisingly accurate diagnoses on the eyes, ears and tongue.In oriental medicine language is called "body box" as it reflects the energy state of the internal organs.On the tongue projected almost all organs and systems of our body and observant person can notice the onset of disease (and, therefore, prevent it) long before the first symptoms.

¬ęShow language" - says the attentive doctor, and has long been considered impolite protruding body.What can be read as the language?Yes, almost complete picture of the state of our body.The root of the tongue - a projection of the kidneys, the middle - sezelenki tip - the heart, the front side surface - light, medium - liver.This raid is one type of deviation, redness - the other, the appearance of wrinkles - the third.

It would seem that with the development of diagnostic and analytical instrument ancient skills and knowledge they have been left in the past.But modern doctors, especially those who combine traditional medicine with homeopathy and other complementary therapies, do not leave without attention to language.For example, a gastroenterologist before an accurate diagnosis, pay attention to the nature of the raid, a hematologist - on the taste buds.There is still a medical profession dealing with the diagnosis solely on language.It is called slizistologiya and found, unfortunately, less and less.

Mirror health

Can we do monitor the condition of the body language?Of course, yes.Correctly and in time to assess the state of their language, we have a unique opportunity to warn the incipient disease in themselves and their loved ones.To diagnosis was the most accurate language should be viewed in daylight immediately after waking up.Make it better on an empty stomach, before cleaning the teeth and in a relaxed atmosphere, as the language of immediately responding to negative emotions.

Remember that a healthy language - pale pink, perhaps - with a smooth fold in the middle and a thin white coating.If there are deviations, analyze them one by one.

Color .Pale tongue indicates anemia or slow metabolism.Bright red indicates that the body's inflammatory process has begun.Gray or purple - the deterioration of blood circulation.

raid.Yellowish can tell the frequent indigestion.Thick white - the delay of food in the intestines (ie wrong selection of products and low peristalsis), gray - about acidity.Redness of the tip of the tongue - a sign of a weak heart activity.
greyish or yellowish coating also takes place in smokers and lovers of strong tea.

Appearance .The curved line indicates the middle of the language problems with the spine."Geographic" language (as if he had all the striated lines), a child may be a sign of a diathesis (atopic dermatitis), an adult - reduction of immunity and indicate that you are abusing diets.Dry and rough - the lack of vitamin B2, cyanotic, edematous - vitamin B3, periodically or frequent bleeding sores - vitamin C. Imprints of teeth in the language often hints of dysbacteriosis.

Fresh breath

fresh breath by 70 percent depends on the language.So do not forget to clean it every day, especially the root, which accumulate the bacteria that cause bad breath.This should be done with a soft toothbrush in circular motions.For rinsing, use a special mouthwash.

Language swallow

2000 receptors (taste buds) located at our language, distinguished only salty, sour, bitter and sweet.However, some scientists propose to include in this list even fat.So the pleasure of truffles and a simple fried potatoes - just the combination of these four tastes in different proportions.The most unpleasant of them - a mixture of bitter with salty or sour.Too cold, however, as the piping hot dish it reduces the sensitivity of taste buds.

Professional tasters have the rare ability to distinguish between hundreds of subtle flavors.One even ice cream taster insured his tongue for 250 thousand dollars.

language itself also has an "addiction."The tip, for example, is sensitive to sweet root - a bitter, side surfaces - to the sour and salty treats the entire surface.Scientists believe that the brightness of the sense of taste depends on our being.Their decline - the first sign of failure in the body.If you have completely lost the taste, seek medical attention immediately - perhaps, it is a disease of the nervous system.The feeling of bitterness in the mouth usually occurs in diseases of the gallbladder, acidic taste indicates a disease of the stomach, and there is a sweet diabetes.Farewell, colds

have opera singers have a secret: if before the performance starts sore throat, they can not swallow pills, and exercise language.Feeling suspicious tickle follow suit - exhaling sharply, display language.Pull it down toward the chin.Then return to your seat and pull back.Straining the larynx, move it to the palate.Without opening his mouth, touch the tip of the upper gum, and then the inside of the cheeks.Retrieved on their own experience: it helps!

Dr. Paul Schwartz

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