The most unusual color.

Every day we let in a visual world of dozens or even hundreds of different colors.The names of some we know from childhood, and about the name of the other do not even think.What are the colors, without which the whole world would be like a black and white movie?

International Classification

In scientific terminology under the color refers to the ability of light waves cause different from the spectrum of visual sensations.This wavelength of light determines what kind of shade appears in front of our eyes.

For example, the color purple is expressed in the value of 400-430 nm, blue - 430-470 nm, blue - 470-500 nm, green - 500-535 nm, yellow - 535-595 nm, orange - 595-620nm, the red indicator is characterized by higher - 620-700 nm.

human eye can perceive colors with wavelengths from 400 to 760 nm.Thus, it can be seen not only the basic colors, and shades of unusual and which are formed from the merger of the cores.

color perception and the ability to affect an object reflects and absorbs a particular range.Thus, if the body reflects the red and green beams by absorbing the rest, our eye sees yellow.One hundred percent reflected beams gives white color, black is formed as a result of the absorption spectra.

To date, there is a single international classification palette of colors RAL.It presents the basic colors and derivatives, forming unusual colors.Each of them is assigned a unique code.

Basic definitions

variety of natural colors and tones is striking.In order to somehow navigate the world of color, people have come up to divide them into groups.Even the most unusual paint will find their place in this classification.

  1. Chromatic (containing color - red, yellow, green, blue) and achromatic (not containing colors - white, black, gray).
  2. contrast (the opposite of the perception - red and green, yellow and blue) and convergence (located in the neighboring spectrum - blue and light blue, yellow and orange).Contrast is used as techniques to identify the color characteristics of an object.So, if you put the red next to pink and orange hues, he lost, and a black or blue, on the contrary, will focus on the attention.
  3. heat (fire and sun - red, orange) and cold (shades of the water and the night sky - blue, purple).
  4. pastel (soft tone, approximating each color to white).

color wheel: the rules of the mixing colors

color wheel is a palette where the colors continuously flow from one to another.It is used to determine how successful the contrast, and to mix colors to obtain.Sectors of application - design and visual arts.

To understand how to mix colors, you need to visually divide the circle into three main segments, which will be dominated by red, blue and yellow.These are the basic colors, mixing them together, you get a secondary color (Red + blue = purple, red + yellow = orange, blue + Yellow = Green).

If you mix two adjacent spectrum, you can get intermediate tones (green, purple).When

unconventional mix obtained unusual colors that are used in the field of cosmetology and fashion.Among them: anthracite, indigo, opal and others.

Full range of colors

Despite the official classification, creative people have come up with unusual names of colors that you meet every day.Here are the most interesting ones:

  • Goldstone - a combination of silver and black.
  • almandine - ripe cherry color with a violet hue.
  • Amethyst - rich blue-purple color.
  • Boat hook - the predominance of bright red with the addition of blue and purple.
  • Bismarck - mix of yellow, brown and gray.
  • Verdigri - gray with Zelentsy.
  • Viardot - a mixture of blue and green, celadon.
  • Havana - brown, like chocolate.
  • Hyacinth - orange gold.
  • Cochineal - red and crimson.
  • Marengo - gray with black patches.
  • Indigo - dark blue with a slight pink tinge.
  • Mardore - red-brown with a golden hue.
  • Jade - shade of strong brewed black tea.
  • Crimson - dark red, as venous blood.
  • Silkova - pale cornflower blue.
  • Terracotta - a shade of rust.
  • Pistachio - dirty green with gray-beige shade.
  • Fuchsia - flashy pink.
  • Hacks - the composition of the gray, brown, yellow and green, the colors of military clothing.
  • Cyan - a toxic combination of blue and green.
  • Champagne - beige nacreous.
  • Zinc - white with blue.

There are quite funny color names.For example, try to understand what shade at the last gasp Grey frog or fainting.But, nevertheless, such name exists.

Fancy color names attract people, so their names are used for the color characteristics of cosmetic products, clothing, furniture, cars.This kind of marketing ploy, which is intended to lure consumers into the trap of novelty.

In addition, such creative names are used to indicate an unusual shade of skin or eye color.

color symbolism

Each shade is unique and therefore has different psycho-emotional impact.

  • Red is the symbol of love and passion, but the excessive use of this color can cause aggression.
  • Orange - the color of the sun.He is pleasant and warm feeling, stimulates vital energy, awakens appetite.
  • Yellow - also a sunny color.It is believed that he has a positive effect on thinking.On the negative side, yellow is the symbol of jealousy.
  • Green - the color of nature.It represents peace and harmony.Green is designed to heal mental illnesses.Also he is able to bring good luck and to intensify the energy of money.
  • Blue - the color of the sky.It symbolizes sobriety of mind, sincerity and purity of thought.
  • Blue - the color of the contradictory.On the one hand it is a call to peace, on the other - a symbol of secrecy and lies.
  • Purple - the color of inspiration and spiritual ascension.
  • Pink - a symbol of tenderness, love and femininity.
  • Brown - practicality and reliability.
  • Grey - symbolizes both a high level of intelligence, and melancholy.The predominance of the colors is boring.
  • Black - it is the power of darkness and fused together.
  • White - purity and serenity.

Unusual colors influence the perception of the way as their constituent colors.

Tell me, what is your favorite color, and I say what's on your mind ...

We give preference to a particular color, and are not even aware that our selection can tell a lot about our character and present emotional state.

  • So, people who choose white, tend to idealize the world around.It dreamers and vulnerable nature.
  • Preference gray means that the person is stable and strictly adheres to established principles.He is intelligent, practical, logical, does not allow for the expression of illusory thoughts and emotions.
  • Black defines man as a disciplined and focused on the voice of reason.It also may indicate depression and internal war.
  • Purple speaks of sensuality.People who like this color, able to captivate and amaze others.
  • Green can tell the strength of will and sense of justice.People who prefer this color, different consistency.These are good partners and friends.
  • Users who have chosen as their favorite color red, full of confidence.They are demanding and seek higher goals.Lovers of red - a passionate and successful lovers, but unstable family life.
  • Orange speaks of energetic nature, which is full of compassion and justice.People of color tend to give love and want to get her back.
  • yellow lovers can experience self-doubt in the future.These people tend to create around him a perfect world filled with happiness and good, but they are likely to be disappointed.Yellow - the most unusual color chosen as favorite.
  • Blue talks about the philosophical and creative side of man.Most often, this color elect writers and artists.Blue Man is stable, faithful and successful.
  • People who choose pink, romantic and slightly frivolous.They dream, but do not live the reality.

What does the least favorite color?

colors that do not like, can also shed light on the inner world of the individual.

  • dislike to yellow can indicate loneliness and jealousy.
  • hostility to green indicates the difficulties in the economic and sexual terms, as well as stress.
  • Rejection turquoise says about fear to take their identity and desire to get support.
  • dislike of blue expresses the thirst of possession and superiority, desire for change.Blue - the most unusual color for smokers, for unknown reasons, the majority of people reject this nikotinozavisimyh color.
  • purple Haters want to forget about the past.
  • denial of pink indicates the fear to show his sensitive side.

  • Red symbolizes the keen desire to find peace.
  • Brown - a painful condition.
  • Rejection of gray indicates a desire to change something, get away from the boredom and full of events.
  • opposers white - realists, they are used to guide zravym sense and focus more on logic than emotion.In addition, this aspect can indicate the presence of lung psychological stress.
  • hostility to the black points on the stability of the difficulties, courage and determination.These people are used to solve problems, rather than wait for their decision.

Popular colors in furniture

In the modern furniture design using countless different colors and textures.Some of them have gained special popularity.

  • Wenge - a woody texture of chocolate color with black streaks.Very stylish looks both modern and classical interior and combined with almost any color (solid color or texture of a tree).

  • Zerbano - one of the most original design options for furniture.This color is available in several versions (gray-beige, dark, light), and is characterized by a striped texture.
  • Oak Dairy - a delicate shade of beige with light rozovinkoy.This color gives the furniture lightness and elegance.

different situations - different colors of clothing

Going to a particular event, we think over what would be the most appropriate way and which colors will come in handy.Here are a few options for color combinations for different occasions.

Friendly meetings came to nothing obliges.Therefore, we can afford to experiment and bright images.Get yourself and your personality.Use the clothes in which you feel a surge of positive energy.

going to work, on the other hand, forget the bright accents.Business style is characterized by restraint and simple lines.Prevailing colors - white, black, gray.

going on a date, you can put on your favorite outfit colors.So you'll feel comfortable and, therefore, confident.Black color will characterize you as an elegant and refined personality.Red tells of the passion raging inside.White will present you as a naive and inaccessible.Bright combinations tell about creativity and the creative side of your nature.

to surprise her lover, can be used not only in non-standard color combination of clothes, but also an unusual eye color, which can be achieved by using lenses.

Car painting: creative solutions

We used to see cars on the road, the color of which is not very diverse.White, black, silver, red - is the most popular color solutions, offering manufacturers.But there are unusual colors of cars.

For example, have you ever seen a car painting gradient where one color blends in with the other?A gold or chrome car?Or a chameleon, changing hue overflow depending on the light?Modern technologies allow to transform the car into a masterpiece.

Create unusual colors machines is possible not only with the help of a monochromatic painting.Apply any image - from the picturesque corners of the world to abstraction inexplicable - it is possible with an airbrush.Fashion trend was also applying to the car decoration film, which can imitate any texture and coloring.

Hair: natural tones and experiments

One of the simplest options that create a bright and unique image, a painting of hair in unusual colors.Down with the boring monotonous tones, in which girls repainted the whole city!Now in vogue hair dye unusual colors.

Palette world stylists are always famous for its variety, it has shades to suit all tastes, even the red, purple and green.With outrageous colors can add your image trendy bars.Colored strands become the most relevant decision in the summer, in the fall you can dye your hair to match the foliage - fit mottled orange or yellow.And for winter stylists invented silver and pearl paint that will transform you into a snow queen.

Experiment, but do not overdo it!For example, if you are an employee of a major company, it is better to adhere to the standard business-like manner, and the question of manifestation of creativity to postpone until the period of leave.

Eyes unusual color: the photo and description

We are accustomed to the fact that the iris of the human eye can have a few standard colors.The mirrors of the soul are usually green, gray-green, blue, blue-gray and brown.

turns out, the usual set is not fixed and can be complemented by other colors.

unusual eye color in humans can be both natural and artificial origin.In the former case the eye got group person by nature, in the second - was formed by a foreign body.

The simplest method is to change the eye color - is to use the lens.In recent years, the once well-known tool for vision correction has become a fashion accessory, allows you to change the image.With the help of lenses can transform a look into the cat, become a demon with black or red eyes or dead eyes without pupils.In this industry, imagination is boundless.

most unusual eye color, which gave nature - is purple.It is extremely rare.People with this abnormality assign supernatural powers.

In addition, there are cases when people or animals are born with different eye color.This trend is most common among white males.