Locomotive Museum in Novosibirsk.

This city is located one of the most famous "storage antiquity" of railway lines.Locomotive Museum in Novosibirsk has a very impressive size (about three kilometers of unique exhibits of trains, cars and other symbols of the subject).

It collected a large collection (over 100 exhibits) locomotives, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives and wagons, which mainly worked on the West Siberian Railway.In addition, the Novosibirsk Museum of railway equipment to them.NA Akulinina (official name) has in its collection are Soviet brands of cars as "Moskvich", GAZ, ZAZ (different model year) and several models of tractors, trucks and all-terrain vehicles.


In 1996, the pilot of the ring "VNIIZhT" gathered a significant number of railway equipment.In this regard, the main control locomotive economy put forward a proposal with regards to the establishment of an appropriate museum.Subsequently began to collect all kinds of railway artifacts, and in August 2000 Locomotive Museum was officially opened.He was named in honor of the founder and first director - Nikolai Akulinina.

first museum exhibit

Right at the entrance set the prototype locomotive brothers Cherepanov.Yefim and Miron built at one of the factories of Nizhny Tagil (Vyisky plant) first onshore ship (the old name of the locomotive).Since 1834 marked the advent of the first locomotive in the Russian Empire.In addition to the load of 3.5 tons, he could also carry 40 passengers.

Unique models museum collection

One such unique exhibits is a tank engine company "Borsig".It was built in XIX-XX centuries.in Germany.This model had a tender, so supplies of fuel and water to the steam kept in special tanks (tanks) located on either side of the central boiler.

attention of tourists is also a model of freight locomotive LV-0040.It was produced on Voroshilovgrad locomotive plant in the 50s.the last century.

museum of steam locomotives in Novosibirsk model demonstrates freight locomotive Er-789.Series E was enough demand, so that it carried out mass production.Locomotives were among the frequently ordered models for urgent replenishment of the locomotive fleet.You can say that these locomotives survived in the stage production of three wars.Production proceeded in eight countries where the 32 were involved in the factory.This model became the largest among domestic locomotives.

Typically, black stained freight locomotives and passenger - green or blue.They seem to be very old, but they were only about 60-70 years.

What other exhibits included in the collection?

Along with prototypes of locomotives and wagons individual, there assembled a large number of railway equipment.For example, the very substantial size of the tank is designed to transport molten iron.

Locomotive Museum also has a unique exhibit, as a 16-axle mixer, load capacity of 150 tons, established in 1974.

can see a model of mechanized trolley TD-5 (six-seater open-propelled transport vehicle used for delivery / transportation on railroad tracks tools, mechanisms, different materials and workers).

attention of tourists represented platform for repair and maintenance of catenary, and kotlovanokopatel and icebreaker.

retro cars as exhibits of the museum's collection

There are military jeeps, poludzhipy, ZIS-5.And "Dodge WC51", which was delivered in 1942 in the USSR.It is known that in his Red Army was called "Dodge three-quarters" (due to the fact that he had a load capacity of 750 kg).

available in the collection and a mini-tractor white manufactured at the Kharkov Tractor Plant.

Novosibirsk Locomotive Museum allows you to see cars GAZ:

1. GAZ-51 - Soviet truck that was manufactured in large quantities.Serial production started it in 1946, but the first samples were collected before the Great Patriotic War.The total production totaled about 3.5 million copies of various modifications.With the use of Soviet and drawings he was going to China, Korea and Poland.

2. GAZ-63A - Soviet-wheel-drive truck.It was produced for 20 years (1948-1968 gg.).

3. ZIL-157 - Car of the Soviet era, has a number of nicknames: "Poltergeist," "Baba", "Sunflower", "crocodile", "Zakhar", "Bents", "Truman", "Cleaver", "stupa"" Mormon. "In Bulgaria he was nicknamed "Joghana" in Ukraine - "Kabanchik" in Lithuania - "Shyashyakoyis krokodilas."In the Magadan region, Yakutia, Kamchatka and Chukotka considered car called "LDRS" or "Crab".Its cabin resembles iron, so the north-west it is called - "Iron".We also know that among hunters in the Central Federal District, namely Ryazanschine, this car has a uniform size zero body (KUNG), has acquired the nickname "Zenzyubel."

It's not the latest exhibits of the museum.

museum of steam locomotives at the Riga station

It was opened in 2004 and is dedicated to the history of railway equipment directly to the Moscow Railway.Often you can hear another name - museum of steam locomotives on the Riga area.

The platform under the open sky set of different locomotives and steam engines of release and different era.This ancient representatives of railway equipment, and their modern descendants.

museum of steam locomotives at the Riga station allows the visitors to get inside certain exhibits and even a twist in their arms, some models ladder placed upon the convenience of tourists.

The adjacent museum, you can see the steam locomotive is very impressive size, which is painted black.He let the smoke and hissing as it is applicable.It is possible to ride.Its constituent parts - a steam locomotive, which refers to a series of e with license plate 774-38, and two modern car.

Here you can also see and locomotives and snowplows.There are special cars, such as ambulance, which operated during the Great Patriotic War.

As has become clear, it is considered a museum of steam locomotives in Moscow, more precisely, on the Riga area.

Railway Museum northern capital of Russia

He began acting in 1813.Especially for him was erected in 1902 building.

Here collected a very rich collection of everything that is associated with rail transport: locomotives, trains, cars, construction machinery and auxiliary articles for uninterrupted movement of trains.It is worth noting that the considered Locomotive Museum in St. Petersburg has a unique exhibits.Its model exhibited at the exhibition of large-scale international exhibitions in several major cities, such as, for example, Paris (1900).

Why is this museum called the textbook?

Because the vast majority of visitors - students.They visit the museum of steam locomotives in St. Petersburg in order to obtain practical knowledge with regards to railways and trains.Also, when it has a club of fans for all comers.

In the building of the museum of 3% on all models, but the workers compensate the departure of more than 10 times a year for events and exhibitions in universities and schools.

Currently Locomotive Museum in St. Petersburg has 50 thousand. Pieces, which are presented mock-ups and models operating locomotives and trains.

Where else in the Russian collection of steam locomotives?

pays tribute to the history of rail transport and the city of Pereslavl.The museum of steam locomotives there is a small village near.It contains exhibits from different eras.Formulations of cars (passenger and cargo) are mounted on rails, and directly under the open sky.

Also there you can see the models and snowplows.There's even an exhibit made entirely of wood.

from Moscow to Yaroslavl highway about 100 km to the city of Pereslavl.Locomotive Museum is very famous in those places.It has also covered hangars where collected and other railway equipment.

In the museum you can see the room where the preserved old station equipment, and in another room to the smallest detail reproduced interior komorki assistant station.

attention of tourists also represented the military and agricultural equipment.

Museum of narrow-gauge railway in Warsaw

It demonstrates a huge collection of narrow gauge rail vehicles: more than 100 locomotives, electric and diesel locomotives, carriages and trolleys.

most interesting exhibits are the:

  • chaise Jozef Pilsudski;
  • trolley "Warsaw";
  • military saloon car;
  • horse wagon w / d;
  • platform for rapid transportation of ammunition;
  • old Polish narrow gauge locomotives (1882-1883.).

It is these exhibits famous Warsaw.The museum of steam locomotives there are two exhibition halls, which posted old photos, models, tickets, railway form of documents, printing and lights.

historical value has true premises dispatcher on duty, which is equipped with devices of bygone eras.

How does a museum of railway equipment in Rostov-on-Don?

It contains exhibits such as locomotives of pre-war, post-war issue, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, cranes and special machinery.

very important role for the city played the railway museum of steam locomotives.Rostov-on-Don is thanks to him became very popular among foreign tourists.

In his collection there is even an exhibit such as a captured German locomotive.And on some models, you can see the dents from bullets.It is interesting to look at the pre-war cars, which include a refrigerator, fuel tanks, wagons for transportation of employees and goods, and infantry and special cars - the headquarters of North Caucasus Military District.

Railway Museum in Nizhny Novgorod

Another famous museum of steam locomotives.Nizhny Novgorod (Kanavinsky district) introduced in 1996, the attention of residents and tourists this "treasury of historic railway equipment."This relatively small museum of old locomotives is near the lake (village sorting).

exhibits gathered in his collection since 1993.You can see the fifteen old locomotives, each of which has its own interesting history.The museum demonstrates the domestic, German and Swedish equipment: Industrial, Commercial and, of course, passenger locomotives.

So, ancient collection of railway equipment, and has a St. Petersburg and Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod and Pereslavl, and Warsaw.The museum of steam locomotives - a place where you can step back in the old days and enjoy the historic value of each exhibit.