Characteristics of male Aquarius

Man-the Aquarius can be found on the dreamy, detached view.He often hovers somewhere in the clouds, leaving in their reflections and thoughts.To achieve his attention simply.It attracts all unusual and new, whether it be an idea or a person.


Characteristics of Aquarius men can begin with his views on life.He is indifferent to material things, traditions and social differences.It would be equally friendly to talk to a cleaner and a movie star.He is not inclined to allocate some types of people, and especially to worship someone.

In solving the problems of life and work issues Aquarius thinks outside the box.For members of this sign is characterized by stubborn self-assertion and independence.All this helps them in their work.Their original ideas and plans, coupled with perseverance can lead them to the top of the career ladder.The only thing that can stop them - it's a impermanence.They sometimes get bored when they have long occupied the same.They can inspire something new.

Characteristics of Aquarius male in love

This man is constantly on the lookout.He may have a lot of novels, which often end up on his initiative.It is not at all confusing, because a lot of women in the world.He strikes up a relationship is easy, but it can quite suddenly stop them without explanation.It can not be called a sensual man.Aquarius can easily hurt the girl and did not even pay attention to it.Meet new people needed him like air, and he does not get tired to look for them.

How to subdue a man-Aquarius

Before you start a novel, you have worked long and hard to achieve his attention.Probably the only way by which you can achieve this - is to excite his curiosity.As long as possible the mystery of this man loves a puzzle.In no case do not disclose to him and does not aspire to become his friend.It is useless to try to get his attention by flirting with other men.He's not one of those who will be with someone to compete, because there will always be a more affordable option.Most likely, he will always give up a woman who already has a couple of boyfriends.

Feature male Aquarius very interesting and ambiguous.If you notice that tells you he taunts, trying to play a trick (perhaps even hard enough), you know - you are on the right track.All of this means that he is interested in you as a person.Do not expect from him the traditional courtship.Aquarius believes that he alone is the best gift for the woman.

How to return a man-Aquarius

If you lose interest, then return it will be extremely difficult.First of all, remember how it all began, how you were in those days, and what attracted him to you.Try to be the same or fundamentally changed.Any change his surprise.To ask him to come back is not necessary, it is absolutely useless.Draw for a while indifference and sometimes try to "accidentally" appear in his way.

Characteristics of Aquarius male is slightly cool the ardor of lovers in his beauties.They should think carefully before you set their nets.Even after marriage Aquarius, as a rule, do not change their behavior and attitudes towards women.