Characteristics of male Sagittarius

Characteristics of Sagittarius men can be started with a description of several of its most powerful features.He is a great optimist.In any situation, under any circumstances, he keeps his composure and confidence that everything will be fine.On his way there are many tests.They all he will no doubt overcome, and even in case of defeat will rise and with a smile on his face will go further in life.

Sagittarius extraordinarily eloquent.He can talk for hours to speak in public, to explain to others their point of view.In the dispute, he usually wins.But it does not calm down until the opponent is genuinely do not agree with his point of view.This is one of the important features that make up the characteristic male Sagittarius.

This person loves to travel.He is not attached to the house early and leave their parents, dreams of uninhabited islands and overseas countries.If he got a vacation, you will certainly spend it on an interesting trip to exotic countries.

Sagittarius differ boldness and courage.He have a sense of justice.It is quite frank and honest.However, it is often perceived as a liar.This is because of its impermanence.He often changes its views on the opposite.This does not consider the fact of something bad.

Characteristics of Sagittarius men in relationships

It is not a one-woman man.Moreover, while it may be some women.In each of them he was genuinely in love with each admires.Women, in turn, consider it a great lover and thoughts make plans for the future.However, one day, his enthusiasm can pass and he will announce it to his woman.Lying for the sake of someone he certainly will not.

Do not wait on Sagittarius enthusiasm for the birth of a child.Infants do not have a proper impression on him.But as they grow, it will become an exemplary and loving father.A little walk up, Sagittarius, of course, married.For his wife, he is madly in love.But it should not relax.Characteristics of Sagittarius men stubbornly insists that he is not satisfied a woman.So my wife will have to try to occupy his thoughts.Pressure or restrict its not worth it.It is freedom, any attempt to encroach on his space perceives a hostile reception.His wife will have to show greater imagination and cunning to somehow subdue recalcitrant spouse and keep the family idyll.

Compatibility with other signs

Stout is an alliance with Gemini, Libra, Lions, Sagittarius.With Aries may be mutual feelings.Marriage is stable and durable.In contrast, the alliance Aries man - Sagittarius woman, doomed to failure.Capricorn woman Sagittarius will be a good wife, unless the spouse is too strict.For Scorpio will be incomprehensible and unacceptable frivolity and love of freedom.He will not tolerate such behavior.Union male Cancer - Sagittarius woman fall apart, unable to get stronger.But if they are reversed, that happiness is possible.In this case, everything will depend only on men.