Market "Dubrovka".

In every city there are places where prefer to dress up half the population.In Moscow, especially after the closure of Cherkizovsky, so the market can be called "Dubrovka".He is the proud name of the shopping center, although in fact it is the usual clothing market.This is not a company store, where the maximum attention to the convenience of customers.You will have to closely monitor the price-performance ratio and good viewing your favorite thing.But the market, "Dubrovka" includes a large number of boutiques, which offer branded counterparts of things at a very attractive price.

Shopping Complex

In this age, when a catastrophic lack of time, not everyone has the opportunity to walk in the fashionable boutiques, picking up her blouse to match pants or handbag to your shoes.Salvation becomes a market, "Dubrovka".After spending a certain amount of time, you will be able to purchase quality clothing and shoes for the whole family.Haberdashery products and accessories will give the image a finished look, add sophistication and refinement.Conveniently, you can buy it all in one place, because different departments are literally next door.

Market "Dubrovka" includes hundreds of boutiques that sell fashionable clothes and shoes from high-quality natural and synthetic materials.In addition, you can easily find here are beautiful handbags, purses and clutches.Of course, everyone decides for himself, visit the company boutique or look for a budget option.But not always mean poor second.Clothing market "Dubrovka" will allow to dress stylish, fashionable, and most importantly, inexpensive.As elsewhere, there is a point with a cheap and frankly clandestine goods, but buyers no one bothers to soberly assess the quality of the products and the offered price.

Opinion buyers

always interesting to find out whether there are any previous satisfied customers.How long the thing pleased the owners, there is a possibility of exchange, if you have found a hidden marriage, and how attractive service center "Dubrovka"?Real clothes which represented such a colossal diversity, can not have an unambiguous assessment.

today provides its services to customers, virtual twin of the market.Here you can see that he offers a boutique, ask prices and read reviews.

occupied territory

Market "Dubrovka" (Moscow) covers an area of ​​180 000 square meters.It is the most ordinary clothing market, if not to take into account its scope.Of course, in the XXI century, so the area is closed, and boutiques are more or less comfortable for the selection and fitting of things.The disadvantage is the close proximity of small shops, and if we add to this huge throughput, it is easy to imagine what is on holidays and weekends.

The entire first floor is occupied by clothing, you do not have to run all over the building.If you are interested in trends in the world of high technology, you to the second floor.There is "Mobile Dubrovka" where your attention is invited phones, tablets, navigation devices, video recorders and more.

Parking vehicles

Note extremely convenient operation.Market "Dubrovka" working without breaks and days off, opens in the morning very early, allowing you to make purchases and avoid traffic jams at rush hour.

Unlike most shopping complexes, "Dubrovka" has a great advantage.Next to it is convenient parking, however, came for shopping by car, you can easily priparkuete it.There are designated areas which is intended for buses wholesalers.

available to buyers

This is another advantage of shopping complex "Dubrovka".The market, whose address is known more as a metro station of the same name, it is not hard to find.For all buyers who prefer to move around the city subway, the trip takes a minimum amount of time.Going to the desired station, you go straight to the main gate of the pavilion.

and ordinary shoppers, especially with small children, and people engaged in small wholesale purchases, be sure to appreciate this great location.It is rare for Moscow.At least for the tour, visit the complex "Dubrovka".The market, whose address is: ul.Sharikopodshipnikovskaya d. 13, p. 3, waiting for their buyers!

How to get to market

As has been said, it's best to get on the subway."Dubrovka" - a market that is amazingly convenient.Wherever you went and whatever mode of transport choose, he still would be nearby.For example, if you are coming from the Third Ring Road and the Volgograd prospectus, the path does not exceed 300 meters.The journey from Moscow city center takes about 10 minutes.Newcomers and guests can seriously save time on shopping, if you go directly to the "Dubrovka".Only 10 minutes - and you can be accepted for purchases.

Going into the territory of the market, you will be surprised that the boutiques are located in an intuitive manner.You do not have to spend time to look for the series with the required goods.


What you need modern business?Convenient location and a large flow of visitors, among them will be potential customers.All of these features and provides novice businessmen and owners of boutique network market, "Dubrovka".The enormous potential for development and growth, the main thing - to offer customers a good product, and to prove itself as a reliable seller.

around the mall is always a lot of people.The market is located in the Lublin branch of the metro, which transports for one day only about 500 thousand people.Any one of them - your potential customers.Nearby are the business centers and highways, which are moving past the thousands of cars each day.Placing your business here, you get a guaranteed opportunity to earn and grow.

Another plus - it is an area in which shopping center.This property is surrounded by business centers and highways, there are no residential sector.This allows the drive to the market at their own hand and eliminates friction with local residents and social unrest, as has happened in places where shopping centers prevent people to relax after work.All this contributes to the further development of the complex, and therefore the prosperity of your business.

After the closure of the well-known market in the Luzhniki area shopping center "Dubrovka" has become a second home for many entrepreneurs.

Clothing and footwear for kids

coming autumn, and for parents begins busy season.To collect a child to school, buy stationery, form (school and sports), warm clothes and shoes for the winter.The costs are very visible, and everyone wants to reduce their number.This is possible, but will have no choice boutiques and center "Dubrovka" (market).How to get to it, the proposed scheme will prompt above.Even with several children road seem a cakewalk.

What today is school uniform?Expensive, but here at 3000 rubles, you can completely dress a child, including a beautiful winter jacket and shoes.A separate line is worth mentioning things about the Vietnamese production.This is often a great clothes and shoes, at very affordable prices.Pants, jackets and other things can often be purchased for $ 100.

What is very attractive, so many things, like shoes made of natural materials.

assortment for adults

Things are a lot, for every taste, color and budget.This is a huge indoor shopping complex, where someone who knows how to look, be sure to find something that will suit him.There are rows of boutiques selling clothing of one or more brands.Signs on the doors will save you from having to visit everything.For example, a popular brand of Abercrombie and Fitch.In addition, the sale is a huge number of lesser-known clothing manufacturers.Surprisingly, but sometimes it differs original design, excellent quality and at the same time a much lower cost, not only in comparison with the famous brand, but also with their clones.

peculiarity of the local shopping is a great variety of offers.And can be quite different as the price and quality.If you saw a boutique mediocre jacket for 5000, it does not mean that in the next thing is not your dream for 4000 is only one - Garner free time, comfortable shoes and go hiking: look, try on, haggle.That's how you can get on sale, compare prices and choose the right product for you.

What products can offer you "Dubrovka»

is primarily clothing for children and adults.A wide range of shoes for all seasons and a different price segment.If you need a gift for a child, then visit the local offices of toys, their brightness is impressive even adults, so do not bring your kids.

Fashionistas can choose here underwear and swimwear, handbags and cosmetics.Sets last able to satisfy the most demanding taste.Conquer all the ladies department fur and leather products.And the prices are quite reasonable, even on luxury items.

Mistress can buy new things for the house and in parts of tulle curtains, household goods and textiles.Men are hard to sustain such adventures, so it's best to leave them at home and ask to come back later to drop off purchases home.


Mall "Dubrovka" - a large complex in the south-east of Moscow.It includes areas for wholesale and retail, offices, warehouses and showrooms.Open shopping arcade with pavilions and shops that sell a variety of goods.The gallery offers home appliances computers and accessories as well as other useful tools.

Near runs a medical clinic and a driving school.For tenants have their own advertising agency that offers outdoor advertising, as relevant in this competition.Complementing convenience stores business, equipped with areas for loading and unloading goods.

arrived on the territory of the market, you can count on the services of a parking area.Hiking in the boutiques can tire, so running a network of rest areas, you can choose a cafe or a bar, a dining room, a restaurant or a snack bar where you can wait for a partner, a tasty lunch or just sit with a cup of coffee.

developed infrastructure takes into account the needs of the people, even medical care.Located on the territory of the clinic can provide first aid if needed.Sometimes it is very easy to combine shopping for one family member and a visit to the doctor for another.

As in the territory of a large shopping center, there is a bank branch, ATM and payment terminal, which will help to solve the problem with the finances, not very far from the selected item.


already listed plenty of reasons to visit the shopping center, "Dubrovka".Market (working hours are quite comfortable) is ready to receive visitors from 6:00 to 20:00.The buyer can call in the morning and avoid traffic jams, and then have time to work, or in the evening, until closing.Every day, without breaks and days off, waiting for you friendly sellers.It is enough to calm the situation prevails here during the week, but on weekends, especially during the holidays, it is very crowded.