Financial products "ZERICH Capital Management" of interest to all investors

Investments in the securities market have always been a profitable way of investing money.It is true divining trends on the stock exchange, it is possible not only to maintain but also to increase your capital.But to make money on the stock market, it is necessary to devote all his time, otherwise - doing it as a hobby - you're just wasting your time and money.

Our hectic lifestyle makes it impossible to combine different types of activities.In addition to exchange trading requires a certain experience, analytical mind, the ability to make quick decisions, taking into account the constantly changing situation on the stock exchange.It would seem that these additional requirements completely nullify the benefits of the stock market.

The output will be cooperation with investment company "ZERICH Capital Management."Financial products Companies designed for a wide range of investors, and high level of professionalism of its employees would not allow expose your investment to unnecessary risks.

novice investors to attract such a service as Consulting services.Investment Advisor will evaluate the merits of capital market instruments and offer you a range of investment strategies that combine optimal size possible profit, and an acceptable level of risk.If your expectations of the stock market can not be achieved within the framework of standard solutions, you can count on the development of individual investment strategy that meets your specific requirements.At the same time work on the stock exchange You will own and Investment Advisor will continue to help you with tips.

investors highly value their time will be interesting for asset management services.Offers clients trading strategies based on portfolio diversification.Part of the capital is invested in financial instruments with fixed income (bonds, bills, etc.), and the profit is formed by the shares that a particular point in the most demand on the market.This achieves the optimum combination of yield and reliability by continuously monitoring risk levels.The investment portfolio of the Company carry traders, as you can only have a stable income.

Another financial tool available to clients of IC "ZERICH Capital Management" is a structural products.In this case, you get a set of simple financial instruments that are linked to a specific underlying asset ("blue chips", the RTS index, the price of gold, etc.).At the same time you make a bet, how to behave in the asset market, the option strategy may focus on growth and the fall.As a result, you get a stable income by investing in fixed income instruments, as well as an added bonus, if your option strategy you have correctly predicted the behavior of the market.

A wide range of financial products IR "ZERICH Capital Management" is able to satisfy any requirements of the investor.It is constantly being improved in view of renewing the market situation.Cohesive work of traders, analysts and risk managers aims to save you money and make them profitable.

For more information about the conditions of investment funds can be found at, as well as in the Moscow office at +7 (495) 737-6494 or 8 (800) 333-0580.