Crop rotation of vegetable crops - the basis of increasing their productivity

a long time, many farmers could not understand the reasons for declining crop yields when growing it in the same place for several years.The first harvest even under adverse conditions, always get more the next, although the cultivation of agricultural machinery stagnated, and often even improves - make organic fertilizer, soil becomes more fertile.Reasons for lower yields in the cultivation of monoculture appeared relatively clear due to the accumulation of knowledge about soils.

reasons for declining yields

During the growing season of crops in the soil accumulate microorganisms and fungi living on the particular plant.Their number is constantly growing.Sama vegetable crop during the growth and subsequent fruiting makes a set of soil nutrients, it is this type of characteristic.All this contributes to the fact that the re-planting of plants similar to the same place they are experiencing the impact of the microflora previous landings.Growth is slowing down, deteriorating conditions for the subsequent fruiting.Vegetables are forced to fight for its existence, spending part of nutrients to this struggle.

¬ęBlack steam" as a means of restoring soil fertility

man had noticed these features.Therefore, when sown crop large tracts of land remained unused in some years, created the so-called "fallow" in which the earth "resting."Her only plowed but not planted nothing.It was created a whole theory on the cultivation of various crops.Up to one third of acreage remained fallow.It seemed wasteful.But the reality proves the opposite - land, "rested" for the season next year happy with such high yields that fully compensated for the loss of a year of inactivity.In the works of Russian scientists of the XIX century and their followers are hundreds of examples of the positive impact of steam farming on soil fertility.Statistics with its inexorability proved that the earth - is a living being, which should be treated with care.

Crop rotation - find scholars

Numerous experiments have shown that the preservation of soil fertility, and even its increase can be achieved if the exercise rotation of vegetable crops.It is important to make change vegetables so as to return to the same site for planting specific crops occurred no earlier than seven years.When crop rotation is necessary to know to which family belong to this or that plant.For example, a cruciferous - radishes, carrots, cabbage - Unwanted plant after each other on the same plot.


rotation Crop rotation in the country should be organized so that some crop plants are replaced by others from other families.After growing cabbage in the garden of the same can be planted tomatoes - they belong to the Solanaceae.When it is impossible to sow tomatoes peppers and eggplants, as this is a plant of the same family, and they have the same pests.Crop rotation of vegetable crops should be monitored regularly, so it is advisable to have the log landings.To make the best use of the land, you need to break the land for a vegetable garden on the permanent beds.It can be applied technology professor Mittlaydera, which recommends the use of a narrow ridge with wide aisles between them.It also proposes to use and the broad ridge, but with boards, which, for example, used the board.Inside the boxes of boards are permanent beds.They have the fertile layer nobody comes down, there grow only plants.Paths between the beds at their summer cottage, you can put any materials, such as bricks.Then the dirt never stick to shoes gardener.


use of advanced technologies will help to correctly organize the crop rotation of vegetable crops, so that is not lacking in vegetables.Rational alternation of plants described in the literature, but the most important conclusion can be formulated as follows: "Only a competent replacement of some other plant will annually receive a high yield of crops."Crop rotation of vegetable crops with simultaneous use of organic farming methods, for which he advocated many modern growers will not only receive a guaranteed yield.It allows and steadily improve soil fertility.It is important to not only get the fruits and root crops in the current year, but also to leave the fertile land of our children and grandchildren, so that they can taste the fresh cucumber or tomatoes from their beds.