Sant Mat and relaxation

Now we live in a world that is changing very rapidly.Even just 20 years ago, life was quite different.And if you go further and look at the life that was 50 years ago, the difference will be much greater.What has changed during this time?Life has become much faster, a person is faced with many challenges, life always throws him a challenge.Handle it or not?Will he have the strength, skills and experience?Will he find a way out of the circumstances?Stress has become a part of our world.We feel stress almost constantly.The struggle for their own happiness and the happiness of their loved ones is given to us is not easy.We experience stress at work, at home, in their relationships, raising children.Even when we go on holiday and want to relax, we can encounter something that will break our peace.

Scientists have shown that stress has a negative impact on health.According to a poll the Public Opinion Foundation, 61% of Russians believe that life is nervous and stress affect their health.The man is in need of relaxation, relaxation.Many are looking for ways to deal with stress.They say this helps good sleep, chat with friends, sports, music, art, travel.But let's try to understand why so much stress affects our lives, why a person is exposed to it become so?Famous psychologists such as CGJung and Rogers still in the middle of the last century said that if a person is so quick to move away from him, so much to sink to the outside world and its problems, then eventually it will lose connection with yourself, lose touch with your inner world.The outside world can not give a sense of stability, solid ground under their feet, because it is constantly changing and it is difficult to control.Man's inner world is his home, his direct sphere of responsibility.

Therefore, many experts say that a good way to deal with stress - a meditation .In general, meditation - it is completely focused attention on any object.Meditation helps a person to find peace and stability within, learn to control their emotions and feelings, it binds a person's attention to his inner self Sant Mat - an ancient science of self-knowledge and meditation on the inner light and sound.This meditation, which teaches contemporary Sant Mat Master Sant Baljit Singh, makes it possible to know oneself, to grow spiritually, to get rid of fear, anxiety and worry.

Why self-important?Hermann Hesse said: "Each of us has only one true calling - to find a way for himself."Stress and tension that a person experiences in the modern world, are an indication that we have forgotten about his "true calling" lost the trail to ourselves.We are too much attached to the material world, and lost contact with him, as they say "rest us can only dream of."

Self-knowledge - is a very interesting and useful exercise, and the ancient teachings of Sant Mat just helps in this contributes to spiritual development and allows to open the way to himself.

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