Greek goddess

huge influence on the development of art and culture has had a mythology and religion of ancient Greece, appearing beginning representations of the gods.About Greek mythology, we know from the Aegean culture plates that were recorded Linear B. In this period came the first mention of the gods.Greek goddess already mentioned in a later, Mycenaean period.Then there were the first known to us information about Athena, Zeus and Dionysus.In the history of this period is called the "Dark Ages."

ancient civilization has left us a legacy of the ancient monuments of culture, in which human-goddesses and gods occupy a significant place.In addition, there is a lot of information about the then existing heroes who entered into an unequal battle with mythical creatures and even with the gods.In divine beings inhabiting Olympus, there is a hierarchy.The top of the mountain was the place, where they remained at the head of Zeus.

Archaeological excavations and finds allow us to know where and what the Greek goddes

ses and gods were worshiped.For example, in Athens, it was Pallas Athena, in Samos - Hera in Olympia, and Dodona - Zeus, Delphi - Apollo and Epidaurus - Asclepius and so on. D.

full of interesting adventures and experiences the legends and myths of ancient Greece.Heroes of Hellas were praised in the literary works of Homer, which give the opportunity to see the wonderful events of those years.They often mention the names of ancient gods, each of which had a certain sphere of influence.Let's take a look at the most famous and revered of them.

names of ancient gods begin to list, of course, need to Zeus, because he - the head of the whole Greek pantheon.In Roman mythology, it is called Jupiter.He is the god of sky and thunder.In his arsenal - odnozubets, lightning, and an eagle.

Lord of the underworld Hades is, otherwise known as Hades, and Pluto.The Romans - a Diet and Orc.His attributes were dog Cerberus with three heads that guards the entrance to his kingdom, and dvuzubets.His wife was called Persephone.

Greek goddess Athena - the daughter of Zeus, born out of his head, patron of science and crafts.She is the goddess of fair war and the wisdom, and is also known as Pallas.The Romans called her Minerva.It looks like a warrior with an emblem in the form of Medusa's head on his chest.This virgin goddess, and her symbols were the owl and the snake.

or Phoebus Apollo - the god of sunlight and truth.He patronized the arts, science, and medicine.On his head - a laurel wreath, and in the hands - a bow and quiver.

Ares - the bloodthirsty god unjust war.In Roman mythology, he was named Mars.He wore a helmet, a sword and shield.

No less notable in mythology Greek goddesses such as Aphrodite and Hera.Aphrodite known as Cyprida, and in Rome it was called Venus.It is the goddess of beauty and love.Her attributes are times, pigeon, mirror, apple and rose.Gera - wife of Zeus (in Rome - Juno).It protects marriage and the family.Diadem and odnozubets - this is what is associated with her name.

God eloquence and trade is the messenger of Zeus, the conductor of souls into the kingdom of the dead.It bears the name of Hermes and protector of merchants, craftsmen, shepherds, travelers and thieves.He donned the winged sandals and helmet of invisibility with wings and a caduceus or staff with two entwined snakes.

occupy an important place, and these Greek goddesses as Hestia (Vesta to the Romans) and Demeter.Hestia - Virgin, patroness of the family hearth.Her attribute is the torch.Demeter - the goddess of fertility and agriculture, it is always portrayed with a stick in the form of the stem.

God blacksmithing, patron of fire and craftsmen Hephaestus (Vulcan by the Romans), and was the husband of Aphrodite.His name is associated with the bellows, tongs and Pylos.

Dionysus (Roman Bacchus or Bacchus) in Greek mythology is known as the god of agriculture, winemaking and viticulture.He is a patron of the theater and is traditionally depicted with a wreath of vine and a cup of wine.