Let's look at dream interpretation.

Many disputes walks around the interpretation of a dream where the dreamer dreaming a little boy.Someone claims that the boy's dream - to suffer.But others argue that boys in dreams portend good luck in business and profits.Therefore it is necessary to consider this issue in the article in detail.

modern dream interpretation

child, a boy in particular, dreamed at night, it indicates that the person is likely to provide little attention to the family.It affects close and native people.A man who suffered in a dream in childhood are likely to need to change their environment, have a little rest, go somewhere.If in the night visions, people watching the game boys, this means that thoughtless actions can cause similar suffering.Fighting boy warned of the dangers to be involved in trouble.If the boy beats the one who has a dream, it may mean that somewhere there is a man who longed to meet.

interpreter of dreams - dream book Maya

if the dream of playing the boy, then it means that one should expect changes: shift work, change of residence, even a change in marital status.Generally, dreams, where the boys appear to presage a profit and achieving goals.For this to come true, you should cook and eat "magic" food: fried corn oil on potatoes.If grown in a dream himself involved in children's games, it indicates that shortly it expects more good news: the promotion of the career ladder, the award, pursuant to the cherished dreams.

Gypsy Dream Book

child, a boy in particular, consider the Roma, can dream to success in business, romantic relationships and family life.And if sleep is a hero has grown up boy, almost a teenager, it means that the hard work is sure to be rewarded according to merit.But the child who dream something eats can warn there may be problems with the digestive system.To avoid this, say Roma interpreter of dreams, it is necessary to the next midnight pee on a tree.

East sonnik

child (a boy), according to the authors of this publication may dream that if man is trouble, time-consuming chore.And for a girl dream, where she is a boy, is that it abhorrent talk surrounding the future of her marriage.If you had a disciple means the plans, built the future promise of profit and success.

Female sonnik

bitter weeping or moaning child that a woman sees in a dream, warns her that she pays little attention to a loved one or a child, abandoned his family, thereby forcing the family to suffer.If she sees a baby in a good mood, it heralds a new thing, welcome purchase.Perhaps the appearance of life in the new fan.Pregnant ladies with the help of sleep can try to determine the sex of the baby.According to the dream book, the child, the boy is, seen in a dream a woman in the "interesting" position, likely portends a future appearance in girls.