Meditation for Beginners

Passion meditation is becoming increasingly popular among residents of large cities.Perhaps this is due to the fact that modern life is associated with heavy loads and daily stress.In addition, in the press more and more often there is information about the beneficial effects of meditation practices in the human nervous system and body as a whole.The recently published report on a study conducted by experts from the University of Kentucky.The results of research show that the regular practice of meditation help to reduce blood pressure.In addition, scientists have long known that meditation allows you to get rid of the constant nervous tension and anxiety, reduce stress hormone levels and cholesterol levels, strengthen immunity.Psychologists also say that through meditation you can develop creative abilities.

In Latin - meditation is not nothing but a mental contemplation, meditation.Thus, a person tries to influence its own inner world.There are many areas and techniques of meditation practice.Someone using meditation trying to improve spiritually, someone to be healed of their ailments.There are techniques that contribute to the achievement of certain objectives, or obtain answers to their questions.One can understand the art of meditation is not so difficult, and the power of anyone.Of course, meditation for beginners is different.Let's try to figure out how to quickly learn the art of meditation.

Where to start?

As a rule, most people want to join the meditation practice to remove tension.In this case, meditation for beginners can give fairly quick results.Calm and a positive attitude that a person receives as a result of meditation, usually remain with him for the whole day.As a rule, after a short time, the practitioner begins to take life easier and more constructively to solve problems.And this is only the first change, which results in meditation.Where to start learning?First of all, it is necessary to determine the place and time.Meditating preferably at the same time, preferably in the morning, and is considered an ideal time period from 4 to 6 am.And, of course, at this time you will not have to bother.

Meditation for beginners involves a comfortable posture during practice.Do not just choose the lotus position, just sit on a chair or in a chair, put his hands on his knees, palms up.The only condition - the back must necessarily be straight.In principle, you can meditate and lying, but in such a position to easily fall asleep.Before proceeding directly to the occupation, take 5-10 minutes relaxation techniques.Any suitable technique familiar to you, for example, dramatically tense and relax the muscles of all muscle groups.Repeat several times.

Techniques for Beginners

Remember, meditation for beginners do not have to be difficult.It is best to choose a simple technique and dedicate her 5 minutes daily.Suitable breathing meditation or the attention on any subject.The problem began - not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts and feelings of their own.At first it is the concentration of training should be devoted to each of your meditation.How to learn to hold the attention?Clear your mind of extraneous thoughts, focus on your breathing, follow each breath, you can focus on abdominal movements during respiration.Once the notice that appeared in my head again thought, slowly and gradually return to watching the breath.The eyes can be closed, but not necessarily.

similar technique and meditation on the subject.Most beginners are using a candle.On the home screen, contemplate a candle flame as soon as notice that distracted, returns to monitoring a candle.Do not try to rapidly increase the daily practice.Perhaps you need a few weeks or even months to learn how to hold the attention.Only then should move on to more complicated and prolonged practice techniques.