Whether a change in the VAT change of name

marry and changing his name to her husband's name, many women are faced with the necessity of re-registration of multiple documents.Having to change them with the most important - a passport, should not forget the other, the legitimacy of which can disappear as soon as a change of surname will be made in the passport.The most frequent cases passports are replaced after the procedure to replace the policy or driver's license.There is a logical question - whether a change is needed when changing the names of INN.

In order to understand this question, you should know that the taxpayer identification number given to every citizen of a once in a lifetime, it is clearly tied to the person who received it once, and saved for life unchanged.For this reason, the change in the VAT change of name (in the sense of getting a new number) is not necessary, in fact - is impossible, because people with a modified name, in fact, remains the same taxpayer, which he was to change the names.However, if the question is whether to change the VAT number when changing names, it is under a different substance - namely, change of an official document with the fixation of the changes, that every person has the right to make such a substitution.

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law does not require to report change of name occurred due to the fact that all data on the issuance of a new passport should reach the tax authorities without any further notice to the person who had replaced her.However, Russian law does not preclude obtaining a new certificate, which would reflect the change of name took place while maintaining a constant room inn.This certificate issued by the local tax office, where the person is registered.To do this, you must go through a simple procedure - to write an application for a certificate, taking into account the changes in the names of and contact with him to the local tax authority.

Change INN by changing the names made fairly quickly.However, the simplicity of the procedure is marred by long queues at the tax office.For this reason, many companies offer services such as a change in the VAT change of name.In that case, the taxpayer does not spend days, defending line and receives a document already upon availability.The new certificate will be recorded in the change of names occurred.

INN How to change when you change the names?Referring to the tax office a statement to replace the certificate should also provide a number of supporting documents: passport, identity card to an employee, a marriage certificate, serves as confirmation that a name change.You should also return to the tax office a certificate issued earlier to the old name.

for preparation and issuance of a new document require two or more days.This should be considered if the taxpayer identification number may need to file urgently.Do not forget about the need to change many other documents.This process is quite troublesome and requires a lot of effort to appeal to a variety of instances and time-consuming.If you have scheduled any events related to the submission of new documents, to postpone the question to bring them into the proper form to the fixation of the new names is not necessary.After the deadline for receipt of new documents (such as TIN certificate with a new name) may take several days or even weeks.That is why many women, getting married, leaving their old names.That they simply relieve yourself from a pretty tedious task - replacing all the documents with the old name.