Active sales - what is it?

success of any business depends on the ability to communicate with customers and potential customers.There are tools for that - active sales.What is it - a set of techniques or systematic mechanism?How to master the art of active sales, and what determines the success of mastering their techniques?

essence of active sales

sales activity often referred to as a complex process related to the market of goods or services: the search for a client to determine its needs, the creation of an attractive offer, negotiation, transaction and subsequent communication with the client.The main difference from passive sales is that the latter do not involve access to the buyer - he comes himself.

important that the employee engaged in the above-described cycle of interaction with the customer, understand the specifics of his position, he knew what active sales, it's not just a cash-settlement work, and the sequence of deliberate actions aimed at business growth.It is important to the ability not to impose, namely to sell the goods and services - the buyer should feel above all a partner.Here, the manager will need a whole set of personal qualities - the ability to negotiate and find compromises, to find common interests with the client and maintain friendly mode of communication.

subtle art of active sales

Experts believe that the most important kaestva manager in charge of the sale of goods and services - is the development of methods of work, the willingness to identify which technique is most effective active sales and also build a system model of their use.For example, successfully having involved a technique that allowed to start a phone conversation with the client (in which the source agrees to take a few minutes to chat with the manager), you should be able to interest a buyer to turn it from a potential to the real.

is very important in this case, according to experts, to avoid a cunning ploy interlocutor.Sometimes the client pretends to chat with the manager he was very interesting - basically it occurs when such conduct prescribes corporate "code" of the employer, implying priority to politeness.The ability to detect such a buyer - an art, and you can tell - a separate technique of active sales, isolated kind of professional management tools.

How to sell a service?

Business delivers to the market or the goods or services.The specificity of interaction with customers and potential customers when working with two different sales items.Many experts believe that much harder to sell a service, as touch, taste, test and simply enjoy it as a commodity, as a rule, can not.Active sales of services - an activity that requires specific training.Manager, first, should have a real idea about the possibilities of their employer and not to promise the customer what the business can not render.Second, selling a service technician should take care of the follow-up mechanism "word of mouth" - that is to seek not the result of a single work, and feel the future prospects of an increase in demand.Third, the manager must be able to somehow compensate for the deficiencies noted in handling services (the fact that they can not "feel").

best alternative - the belief competent and skillful.Another ingredient of success - the ability to speak the truth, the willingness to disclose details sell products or services from a specialist, the leading active sales.What is the brand who produces it, why such a price - the buyer needs to know about all this.

Frames sell all

In the process of business growth comes a time when it is necessary to structure a new division - the department of active sales.For guidance, it is important to choose a competent way for the formation of this part of the company and, most importantly - recruiting qualified personnel.Much depends on the current tasks assigned to the business and the conditions of their solutions.

For example, in the analysis of the situation the management decided - you need to actively attract new customers.Accordingly, the staff should be selected people who have a lot of experience with the "cold calls."Another option - the market is very low level of perception of the brand.Hence the task - to focus on the work of repeat sales to each of the clients there's constant association with the goods and services of the company.The main problem in the formation of the state sales managers - determination of the number of experts, the scope of functions and levels of responsibility.Experts recommend that businesses with one hand, start with small amounts of small work forces, on the other - at the ready stack of resumes, so that if the sale will go, cause new people.

Job - Manager

Actually, the main protagonist in dialogue with the customer - is the manager.Experts identified a number of human qualities needed to meet the post.First, the manager must have the motivation, which depends on the work attitude, temperament, ability to adjust itself positively.Second, a wide range of personal qualities - maturity, self-confidence, emotional stability, flexibility, the ability to find compromises and solutions in unusual cases, the ability to negotiate.Third, the manager must be able to interest the customer's commercial offer, own techniques bypass the client attempts to avoid dialogue.Countering objections - the most important in the way professional quality, as most customers initially not inclined to start communicating with a stranger.The manager must be able to agree on the most important thing - the price of selling a product or service.

When the word "no" - the work

managers engaged in active sales, is the man who, perhaps more often than most people of other professions to hear in your address objections, denial and other attempts interlocutor avoid constructivedialogue.The ability to perceive the word "no" - the most important quality of the sales department.Experts recommend that beginners managers, first, the repudiation as part of the work as the norm, and secondly - to study such phenomena are not taken too literally.The client often says "no", not because it has unambiguous objections to the purchase of goods and services, sometimes it is - the psychological phenomenon that reflects a specific human emotion.Distributed cases when a person, the manager failed one or more times, then it becomes a regular customer of the company.It is important, experts say, to avoid automatically adjust for a positive response - it will help sales professionals avoid the psychological discomfort in cases where the customer says "no."

The best manager - a neboltlivy "scout»

extremely important as a manager of active sales - is the ability to ask questions to the customer, "explore" the profile of their needs, identify the psychological and personality traits.Experts point out that this ability has a limited percentage of professionals, so this skill can be a good competitive advantage for a novice "prodazhnika."The Art of Asking the right questions is closely intersects with the ability to avoid unnecessary sounding phrases.

Therefore, if the manager is talkative by nature - it will certainly help him in his ability to become a "spy", but can interfere in the construction of a meaningful and constructive dialogue with the buyer.Communicating with the customer, a salesperson must speak only in the case, revealing that really need the interlocutor, and that is important - to be able to listen to the customer.It is important to make it clear to the customer that matters, time-consuming, are set for a reason.The buyer should not feel constrained, on the contrary, is to see what good lies in the phenomenon of active sales.That is not just an attempt to sell something, and the method of building a mutually beneficial relationship.

Teaching - light

Mastering the basics of active sales - is not only practice, but also the theory, diligent study of the various techniques and materials copyright.Among popular among Russian managers sources - books (including audio format), which the author - Nicholas Rysev.

«Active Sales" - so called his work.They are released in several editions, written in a very simple and understandable style.They present a deep analysis of several dozens of strategies of successful sales, negotiation, there are significant examples from practice.This book - a real godsend for experts in the field of trade of the different specializations.Read it and learn a lot of useful can be salesmen, sales representatives, managers, executives, and even the directors of various departments.

Personal development - the key to success

manager, who was able to implement a systematic approach to their profession, not just gains access to a set of separate techniques - in his hands is a whole technology of active sales, which can be scaled in a variety of spheres.Achieving this status means first of all self-development.It is the ability and, most importantly, the desire to learn, to learn something new in sales.

If a manager of active sales is able to put these things in priority, it will allow him not only to improve themselves, but also to properly evaluate changes in the environment, working with new external factors (for example, if a particular type of product or servicedemand has fallen, or the target group of customers for some reason lost the ability to pay).Another important property of "prodazhnika" - know your product, its objective strengths and weaknesses.Customer should get accurate information about the purchased product or service - it is an essential condition for long-term relationship between them and the business.