Referral system as an additional income

referral - a person who is involved in any project at the invitation of the user.I invite interested in the fact that he was working on the project and earn more.This cooperation allows to achieve mutual benefits.Ideally the referee should do everything possible to educate the ward, to give him a chance to earn more money.Therefore, the more advanced the referee create specialized forums that are held, and the bulk of the training.

Referral system often consists of several levels.Typically, most affiliate programs pay 50% of the advertising or 2.5% of the funds invited participants.The higher the level of referral, the less it makes payments.

Recruit referral is difficult.It's important to know the project, which is developed partner program, to understand what kind of audience they might be interested, and should think about where to look for potential referrals.Referral system will collapse if cheating partners.You should not promise big earnings, better to say honestly that is waiting and how to act.

The first step is to get a referral link.On it the system determines that a person came to your recommendations.Good place to start the search referrals will offer cooperation friends, family and loved ones.These people will no longer trust you, maybe someone of them will be a long time to work.

Today it is no secret that you can successfully make on site, and many users get good money.If you have advertised resource, it can be placed on the referral link, as long as it was thematic.

Today, there are donor sites.They can describe in detail the essence of the project and leave the link to veil it under a beautiful picture or an attractive text.But partners can quickly get through chat rooms, forums, using the principle of "question-answer".

In addition, there are online bulletin boards.It is recommended to place links to resources and a well-visited in thematic directories.The work is best done by hand, it is not necessary to resort to programs: the method is fast, but unproductive.Referral system will bring income only if the attitude to advertising the project seriously, but not carelessly.Today, so many ways to make money, and misery only lazy, but every job - is first of all a lot of work.You can spend a lot of time, but the results are zero.

Some Referee use the services of sending letters.It also helps to save time and effort, but can catch spam.Then the affiliate program for that user is finished, he will not be able to take advantage of its link to attract partners.

Referral system - a complex structure, when advertising a particular product should weigh the "pros" and "cons", only then to start any action.Today, there are great
Exchange referrals where easy to learn and to find long-awaited partners.In addition, there is an opportunity to give the task to users who work on side projects.Many ways, it is only necessary to dig and choose the best.