Functions of religion and its influence on the development of society

For a long time, there are several world religions, which are developed in parallel.They seem so dissimilar from, but on closer examination they can find a lot in common.They preach similar value system, calling for proper and honest behavior.The truth is, most ancient religious doctrine integrates a function of religion that are quite similar.Regardless of the country and the supreme deity in which people believe they impose the same hopes for their faith.

Some researchers called totally different functions of religion, so to achieve the truth in such a delicate matter difficult.Sometimes these philosophical debates unfold when one of the researchers stubbornly defends his point of view.Only here the main function of religion, regardless of country and religion, often coincide.

When a person is difficult, my heart hangs heavy load, he may choose two ways.The first way - the appeal to specialists, doctors and therapists.Experienced professionals to quickly identify the cause of anxiety and discomfort, and then tell the possible options out of a difficult situation.The second way - it's like a church, where a man confesses.They candidly talk about their problems, misconduct, analyzes them.As a result of the man himself reveals a problem that does not give him rest.Together with the minister of the church is the problem faster, and the believer receives relief.Such is the power of psychological functions of religion, which is present in all faiths.

Some people underestimate the possibility of religion, but without it there would be no development.When the laws were in their infancy, religion helps people to comply with the order.The regulatory function - is the ability to comply with the order, the protection of society from chaos and violence.If the hand involuntarily dragged a stranger purse, the man pulls her immediately, as mindful of the High Court.He was afraid that he does not punish people, a supreme being, but will have to pay for a crime for centuries.Because of this, the number of crimes has been minimal, as people worried about their future.

also a stimulating function, which supports the development of society.A believer knows that inactivity and laziness - it is a sin, so he tries to work hard.The desire to gain eternal life helps to overcome any difficulties and hardships, and people coming out of the very difficult situation with dignity.At its heart is not envy, lying, or the desire to move up the career ladder at the expense of others.

Today, the role of the functions of religion in society has weakened, as many prefer to live one day.In addition, people began to mix in a single faith, religion and the church.They do not understand that it is better to live by higher laws, and rarely go to church than to harm others, observing all the rituals.

little apart is the mystical function, which reflects the specific world of believers.They firmly believe that there is life on earth, and life supreme, which is considered more valuable.For the sake of the future, a person is able to give up comfort when life on earth.Such an outlook makes it more endure any hardships that allows a person to survive in almost any environment.Some consider it a miracle, and who is looking for a scientific basis, but the main thing - the result.

No matter what the skeptics today, but without the religious development of the society would be impossible.Education, science, many out of the church, but this is, unfortunately, can not remember.Of course, some of the functions of religion rather contradictory - and they can find some pitfalls.Just do not rush to reproach religion for anything, because our world is woven of contradictions.