Name Vitalina.

worth noting that Vitalina - the name is quite rare, and for many parents this is a key point in the selection.As the name - this is not an empty phrase, as the embodiment of a whole range of different factors that will have a direct and, it is worth noting a rather strong impact on the destiny of man, then, of course, is beginning to get acquainted with the origin.And also learn the meaning of the name Vitalina, to fully imagine all the features that it imposes on its host - or rather bearer.


First of all, it should be understood that Vitalina - a female version of the male named Vitali.As a rule, the short form of colloquial use - Vita, which points to the root origin of this beautiful name.The fact that the value of Vitalina takes its name from the Latin word Vita, which means "life."Accordingly, the main features of the nature of its bearer will be: Happy, credulity, friendliness, and the like.

childhood.Formation of character

Name Vitalina child will contribute to the formation of unusually mild in nature, so it can complement the strengths of the zodiac signs as Aquarius, Pisces, and to a lesser extent - Capricorn.In no case should not think that the softness coexists with indecision, on the contrary, children with the same name show a strong inner core, which helps them to overcome many obstacles and to cope with all sorts of difficulties.Vitalina - a strong-willed person, but not always knowing what she wants.Because of this, there may be a certain passivity in the choice of a vital position.Children with the same name have a great imagination, and it is strongly promoted.It will be especially useful to instill a love of reading that will enable the child to fill your own inner world.

Name Vitalina for adults

process of growing up, usually accompanied by a search for an idol.This point is very important because in most cases Vitalina looking for a role model among the people around her.But given the high ideals, which must conform to this way, these searches often lead to disappointment, as to find a man Vitalina simply can not.During this period, may be exacerbated relations in the family, especially his mother, so parents should show more tolerance.


must remember that Vitalina - very trusting person, who can often be wrong in others.Naturally, this leads to a number of painful mistakes, so it is desirable to have more senior, seasoned life friends.This often translates into the fact that the original holders as named marry mature men already developed, considering peer unworthy of their choice.

In family life, the value of the name Vitalina expressed quite unusual, as its bearer exhibit housekeeping practicality and frugality.But they lack the tolerance to perform the daily duties of women that necessarily must take account of their chosen one, which should be ready to assist in the implementation of simple economic affairs.