How quickly cut a hole cut in the floor or ceiling of concrete , cutting floors and ceilings fast and free of dust

In previous articles, I have already told my dear readers about modern techniques of cutting concrete, reinforced concrete and other building materials of very different strength using a cutting tool with diamond saw blades.For many, it became clear that the diamond cutting is not only inexpensive method cutting openings in concrete or brick , but highly effective and innovative construction technology, which is indispensable and highly in demand today in a number of industries.And it's not only the construction of houses, but also road construction, demolition and dismantling of concrete structures and structures made of metal, the specific diamond cutting under water, etc.

Today we will focus on the particular case of using the technology of cutting materials diamond tools.I'll tell you about how using diamond blades and special equipment can be carried out fast cutting of floors and concrete floors where you might want a diamond cutting method floors, where and what the pros use is a diamond cutting method.

How to cut slabs and floors?

What methods and tools are being manufactured today, and cutting holes in the ceiling?Well, for example, you can use punch or a hammer.In just a few days Promuchavshis, to produce the required size hole in the floor or slab opening vydalbit building.The effectiveness of cutting slabs using the gun is very small.However, in addition to the low efficiency, impact method may be used not everywhere.It is much better to use diamond tools for cutting in concrete floors.So, cutting concrete floors and ceilings in homes carried out not only conventional manual cutter Benzorezy, but with the help of special machines for cutting seams - Seam cutters.These construction units are equipped with special large diameter diamond blades.In some cases, you may need to cut the floor or cut a hole in the concrete floor?Well, for example, you need to cut through the base of the building the foundation for installing and adjusting the level of the foundation, or whether you want to cut a hole in the floor under the vent or sanitary channel.Also, diamond tool can be successfully applied for the application of a decorative pattern or ornament on concrete floors or tile.

Advantages and pros cutting slabs of concrete diamond tool

use of available diamond tools for cutting slabs and floors it, believe, and in fact a very effective solution that ultimately will save you time and money, since diamond cutting ceilings and floors will allowyou get a number of advantages.

  • very high speed cutting holes in the ceiling
  • absence of dust when cutting holes or seam in the concrete floor or ceiling
  • total absence of vibration during operation at the facility diamond tool
  • very high speed cutting of the opening in the ceiling or floor
  • Ability to work autonomously - without being connected to the mains
  • Relatively low issue price

Diamond cutting floor - so for a European!

Unlike the "antiquated" method of cutting holes in the ceilings and floors of concrete diamond blades striking technique, such as Cutting through and gouging holes in the floor using a jackhammer or punch this timeless production technology of holes and seams in the ceiling.Diamond cutting - this is the most modern European way of cutting floor.