Excellent beer lager: reviews

lager beer - a beverage made using bottom-fermenting.It matures at a low temperature during storage.Beer differs little strength, light amber or golden color and light taste.This variety, according to reviews, is ideal for quenching thirst, and to enhance the taste of various dishes.


Light lager - beer that is drunk most of the bottle and poured in all bars.He thus opposes al - another world view of the drink.The difference lies in the yeast.Lager beers is a dry, light and airy drink in the Czech-German style.It was coined in 1842 in Bohemia.No one knows when the invented ale.It is the oldest method of brewing beer - malt, hops, wild yeast, water.

Everyone knows that beer ferments.Bottom-fermented - a German and Viennese lager - beer, typical for Europe, as well as common in the rest of the world.Production of it - high-tech process: drink wandering for a long time, with temperature control, cooling.Top fermentation - a process where a cap of yeast floats on the surface of the drink when it is room temperature.This method is more archaic - in this way fermented ales.

Many are amazed that the bars serve beer warm enough at room temperature.It is not just a fad: drink, fermented in the heat, will reveal all the beauty of its aroma and flavor in this form.The camp is always just drink chilled.Basically, the number of pubs at the same Moscow English beer pouring and cold mugs.Even in the winter.

Beer lager can be of different types.5 years ago were very fashionable camp from the United States, where there are three or four species, including the universally famous beer "Miller."Now, this fashion has passed.Everything went back to the Pilsner - namely, to the camp, where the emphasis is on the hop.

Czechs quite rightly believe that the true Pilsner can be brewed only in their Pilsen, where, in their opinion, the best on the planet grows hops.But envious brewers from other regions was considered already in the XIX century in another way, and then there were German Pilsner (the most popular in the present moment - is Beck's), as well as the US.Today, the Czech Pilsner is prepared even in Kaluga, while selling at Moscow's best restaurants.

should be noted that the German camps are very diverse, their pointless to enumerate.The Germans on the "Oktoberfest" prepare seasonal beer - dark Bavarian and Munich varieties, including Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier - Smoked unusual drink.But all that particular.Major world camp are Carlsberg, Foster's, Corona, Beck's, Kronenbourg, Stella Artois, Heineken, produced in different parts of the world without being tied to any one country.

Light and dark lager beer

dark and light in the struggle between good and evil has nothing to do, the thing is its main components - malt.Hue is determined by the number of dark malt used in brewing, and the degree of roasted malt.The most common types: chocolate, caramel, burnt - all of them can be found on a label familiar to many Russians "Baltika №6».It should be noted that there is also a dark lager and ale.Around the same story with the debate about the "unfiltered" and "filtered" beer - the first or the second it is completely arbitrary.In addition, the wheat beer is filtered and the dark, for example, a drink of Maisel's Weisse (famous Bavarian manufacturer), which is available in almost every supermarket.

Wheat lagers

drink that is made from malt and hops, mainly the case with emphasis on the hops or malt.Although occasionally it happens that the latter is replaced by other grains - rye, wheat or rice - put it in a beer in China, in addition to the large breweries, thus reducing cost process.Wheat is brewed active in Bavaria, most likely because of the oversupply of grain.For example, Schneider Weisse, produced in Upper Bavaria and is very popular in our supermarkets - the best example.

in Moscow, as noted in the review, with the Belgian beers need to go to "Birmarket" or "Beer cell."It is so unusual that before you buy, it should try - Tips experienced buyers.

«Hoegaarden" from Belgium with the addition of orange wheat lagers made popular around the world.Incidentally, the Belgian beer is the most countries on the planet.It put the raspberries, cherries and other fruits and even vegetables.These are the "Bellevue" or raspberry Lindemans Framboise.These varieties are closer to ales.In our country is becoming more popular, "Kruger" (lager) - beer, brewery manufactured "Tomsk beer."

so happens that here in the XIX century was opened by private brewery RIKruger, a great connoisseur of beer, a respected person in the society.He developed the beer culture, opening the high-quality institutions.Here for the beer came all the local intelligentsia: writers, scientists, architects, industrialists, students of Tomsk high schools and doctors.It was a time when the river Ushaika Tomsk mined gold.Once it was over quickly, and the main wealth of the city was the beer brewed at the brewery, RIKruger.

Now consider the best deals that are in the ocean of beer.


Beer (lager) Pilsener («Pilzener") was first brewed in the Bohemian town of Pilsen in 1842 Josef Groll (invited Bavarian brewer), which is used to this little roasted malt.This drink is quite dry and has a tangible taste of hops.

To date, "Pilzener" - is one of the most popular types of Bavarian beer.

Dortmund Export beer

Lager Dortmunder Export (Dortmund export beers) today produced in Munich.The term "export" is used to denote the strength of the drink.But the beer brewed in the Bavarian capital, more sweet.It has a higher strength compared to other varieties Bavarian: alcohol in it 4,8-6,0%.

White beer

Weissbier (white beer) appeared a few centuries ago.Its name derives from the color that is much lighter than the widespread dark drink.It is prepared from wort, which consists of 40% of barley malt and 60% - from wheat.Weissbier substantially not filtered so, yeast, remaining therein, making it a little cloudy.White beer has a rich flavor and the bitterness of the hops it felt very weak.

Wheat filtered beer called Kristall Weizen («crystal clear").Also, in Bavaria made alcoholic and stronger varieties of the drink.

Black beer

Schwarzbier («schwarzbier") got its name because of the deep dark brown color.To cook using roasted malt.The drink has a malt aroma, viscous structure, rich mellow taste.It contains about 5.0% alcohol.


Reviews camp you can find very different.Some are not able to understand how you can drink beer warm, and they it is cooled.Others find it too easy.Others appreciate its delicate taste and rich ability to perfectly cope with thirst.