Drying cabinet as a universal device for laboratories

drying cabinet - a laboratory electrical equipment used for the drying process of different products and materials.

In the market you can offer a huge selection of products for the different manufacturers, different in purpose, price, as well as design.Absolutely all of the samples are dispensed (depending on the operating environment within the product) in two versions: stainless steel and with a camera.

Product advantages

drying cabinet laboratory - a device that is used in various industries, and in laboratories.This is absolutely universal variant, which is used for drying glassware and reagents and for the tempering of the metal after full processing.

Ovens are the most economical series production products.They are equipped with a powerful microprocessor thermostat fairly well-known Russian company "Aries" and are characterized by a simplified structure.Thanks to her, an oven in the event of failure is very easy to repair and, if necessary replace the thermostat, will not have to disassemble the whole construction.If necessary, this equipment can be equipped with integral-differential-proportional programmers and thermostats.Without any problems it can carry the vehicle.

Series ovens

SNOL TermoLab.This design-designed product line from TermoLab.It has a fairly high price category and sophisticated design.Drying cabinet manufactured with the most different types of controllers, ranging from programmers and microprocessors, analog and mechanical finishing.The more complex the design of the sample, the more difficult to make repairs at the break.Some models in this series are equipped with fans to improve the uniformity of the process of drying.

drying cabinet for drying electrodes

This is a special kind of a device for carrying out analytical work and the drying process of welding electrodes.

Cabinets Series SNOL TermoLab for electrode baking

These models are made with a variety of built-in fans, the types of controls and volume of the working chamber.

vacuum drying cabinets intended for drying and heating of different materials in the air and under vacuum at high temperature.This device is indispensable for drying of fragile materials to heat treatments (they include pastes and powders, as part of which includes solvents).

TermoLab RNFL.This equipment, which includes a cabinet and a pump for pumping air.The samples in this series are designed for a wide range of industries and laboratories.They are made with different types of controls that directly reflected in the price of these products.There are as serious models with electronic microprocessors and economical models with conventional regulators.

There are ovens for drying grain in food laboratories.They are intended for drying grain products, oilseeds and legume seeds.