What a good beer?

In our country, beer drinking, drunk and probably will drink.Very much he is loved by Russians.This foamy drink first began to cook for another five thousand years ago.Since then, the technology of preparation of liquid bread has changed dramatically, so that today, beer has an arsenal of savory flavors and aromas.We all know that high-quality and delicious drink is obtained in the Czech, German, British brewers.They do it in Russia.Today on the shelves of local supermarkets represented a wide range of barley drink and the consumer there is quite a logical question: "How not to miscalculate and buy really good beer?" Before giving an answer, it is useful to mention what benefits brings liquid bread.

Useful properties

It would seem, well, what use can have beer, which belongs to the category of alcoholic drinks?In fact, can.

The fact that the beer is concentrated mass of vitamins and antioxidants that minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.In addition, in hops are polyphenolic substances which help reduce blood cholesterol, prevent the development of cancer and destroy viruses.

dark or light beer

However, it should mention that to a greater extent the effects of the above grades have dark barley drink, and when they are used should not lose a sense of proportion.Thus, good beer - a dark beer.But despite this, many Russian consumers prefer variety category of "lager".For them it is a good beer in the first place because it tastes good.

But as the utility, then here it is reduced to a minimum, because the lager at the manufacturing stage, filtering and bottling loses the entire set of organic substances.According to experts, a good beer made from wheat in Germany, as it is famous for its beneficial properties.The most strong drink is barley ale, which is a symbiosis of a pleasant aroma of fruit and alcohol high concentration.

Certainly few people do not know what good beer is made in the Czech Republic and Germany.These countries are the trendsetters in the art of brewing.


foamy drink for the first time in the Czech Republic began to produce more in 1088.While only beer brewed in the home.Later they began to build small factories, and their owners are united in the shop and build the wholesale supply of liquid bread.Then the Czech ruler, King Wenceslas, make sure that the business makes a good profit.And in 1118 he ordered the construction of the first major brewery.

Today you can taste the best beer in the Czech Republic, and all because of the technology of preparation of beer involves the use of only high-quality hops.Behind him come even German brewers.Why even the best beer produced in the Czech Republic?The fact that one of the main ingredients in the production is clean water, which is extracted from artesian wells.It is clean and soft.

should be noted that Czech beer is divided into specific categories.In particular, there is a "ten" (wort content - 10%), "The Twelve" (wort content - 12%).There are dark varieties of barley drink (brewed from dark malt), light (brewed with pale malt), half-dark (brewed from a mixture of light and dark malt) grade rzhezane (a combination of light and dark beer).

Today, the best beer in the Czech Republic - is Velkopopovicky Kozel, ("Velkopopovitsky goat"), Krusovice ("KruĊĦovice"), Staropramen ("Staropramen").


Germany foamy drink began cooking in 1156.

There were no breweries, and the liquid bread prepared in monasteries.Naturally, such production promised a considerable profit.Noteworthy is the fact that in medieval Germany, beer is not considered an alcoholic beverage: it was an alternative to plain water.

ancient German brewing recipe involves the use of herbs and cereals.Of course, the taste of the drink is poor.Only in 1516, at the legislative level to address the issue of the purity of beer.In other words, in the preparation of beer prohibits all ingredients - except for malt, water and hops.And today you can see on the shelves of some stores beer bottle with the inscription "1516", and many connoisseurs of today believe that this is the best beer that they had to try.In the preparation of liquid bread in Germany carefully monitor the quality of the yeast.Fermentation is of two kinds: the grass-roots and horse - in the first case the drink is kept longer.

course, an assortment of German beers today, unusually huge.What is the best beer - everyone decides individually on the basis of their preferences and tastes.Today consumers choose: Roggenbier (rye beer fortress 5.5% alcohol), Schwarzbier (bottom-fermented product, very dark), Pilsner and Altbier - (upstream and downstream products of fermentation with an alcohol content 4-4,8%).

In Germany, beer is especially appreciated light varieties, as the sales leader is the brand Krombacher.

Russian domestic market is also brewing affects its size.Statistics show that only in 2012, Russia produced about 10 million liters of beer.

should be noted that members of the Russian beer market - it is mainly foreign companies.The lion's share of the liquid bread manufactured by "Baltika" (share - 37.4%).The second position in the market occupies a commercial structure Inbev (16,4%), the third - Heineken (11,7%).Also in the list of leaders in the national brewing companies are Efes (share - 10.9%) and SABMiller (7,2%).The rest of the market master the lesser-known brands: their products are manufactured in the regional mini-factories, just in high demand among Russian consumers.

import foreign beer limited

Of course, the Russian market is also presented and foreign companies that are engaged in the import of beer from Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and other countries.However, in a tense political situation reduces the share of foreign beer.Russian consumers became less buy foreign beer brands, primarily because the price of foreign drinks have jumped at least 2.5 times.

In our country, consumers prefer beer brands "Golden Barrel", "Stary Melnik", "Siberian Crown", "Neva".

For a beer in Russia increased demand

According to statistics, the majority of buyers for the best beer in Russia - a bright, small fortress drink, packed into a glass bottle.About 83% of the respondents prefer to drink filtered light, 7% - light nefilrovanny.Only 10% of respondents said that they like dark beer.As already noted, most of the gourmet beer prefers beer of medium strength (4.5-5%).About 10% of Russians opt for strong beer, and only 3% of consumers buy only a soft drink.

What is it, a fresh beer?

And of course, in our country like to buy beer by the glass.This drink is always fresh, which itself is captivating.Best beer to be found in retail outlets located in the vicinity of factories producing foamy drink.Increased demand is beer "Zhiguli", "Klinskoe", "Admiralty".