How fast is pumping in Warface: tips for beginners

There are many different options, how fast is pumping in Warface.The only thing you need to know before making the experience is that, despite the growing numbers in the strip experience, your skill games are not increased.Raising your level, you may find yourself face to face with opponents who use weapons better than yours, and the skills they will be much higher.Are you sure you really want to pump "fast"?


If you do not talk about the use of any exceptional feature of the game, how fast is pumping in Warface?

Play PvE missions.What does this mean?Come every day those missions against the computer, which give more experience and money than icons.The higher the difficulty, the more you can earn.Ideally, passing levels "Pros" and "liquidation", you will be able to type fast enough as a welcome experience.

If you take a light for the mission, then play for a medic.Using a knife to kill the enemies you will be able to earn more points, and thus experience.Also, the treatment is similar to the Allies bring extra points.If you prefer a class, "Stormtrooper", be sure to hand out all the bullets towards the end of the mission - it will bring extra points.


perseverance.You can search a variety of ways, how fast is pumping in Warface, but the only and most important value is the time.Of course, everyone has a family, education, work and other daily activities.But if you want to raise your level, without a certain level you can not do.The more time you spend in the game, the more you can get the experience.

way, especially for those who spend a lot of time in Warface.Game rules provide for the existence of "Reiten" from 12.00 to 14.00 Moscow time.Winning in different modes at this time, you will get 1.5 times the experience.There is a small trick.If you start a mission to 12.00, but it will get the end of the lapse, then you still get the bonus experience points.Thus, you can slightly increase the effectiveness of this "event."

even faster

Understandably, using Donato can quickly gain experience.Warface, like any other online toy provides an opportunity to invest.For 150 rubles you can buy the so-called, VIP-status.With it, you will receive a great reward for all the activity.Since we are interested in the experience you can enjoy - the acceleration of gaining experience is 100%.This means that if you're a quest without AIAI get 300 experience, acquired from VIP you will type 600. As you know, with a bonus question: "How fast is pumping in Warface?"It becomes irrelevant.

addition to the usual VIPu you can buy a special accelerator experience for 30 days for 45 rubles.The bonus is added to the VIP-status, and as a result you can get 115% experience bonus for a month for just 195 rubles.Compared to many similar games, this fee (if we consider the game as a whole is free of charge) is not too high.

Price pumping

If you use the tips in this article, you will surely be able to raise the level of your character much faster.But is it worth it?In pursuit of the experience you just forget about that for which installed the game - the pleasure.

If you have just started playing, why hurry with the levels?Study maps and missions, learn the tactics used to the different weapons.Please be playing and combat experience, because without it, being among those who played a long time ago, you'll just "meat" in PvP matches.

On the other hand, if you play for a long time and just decided to create a new account, then the question will be different.Do you have the necessary equipment to match their rivals?Are you ready for the fact that they will surpass you on the weapons and uniforms, not the skill of the game?If yes, then - go ahead, to conquer the peaks and titles!