How to make a logo in Photoshop: beginners guide

Today we will discuss how to make the logo in Photoshop.Immediately it should be said that the article will not be given precise instructions.Since each person has his own taste and outlook on beauty.The purpose of this article: to provide you with advice and parting words, which will help to create your own customized logo.It is impossible to predict the interest of every reader.Next, you'll learn how to make a logo in Photoshop using a simple set of tools.

1 way

With it we create a logo in Photoshop using a conventional tool called "horizontal text» (T).This will require a new image (Ctrl + N).The size can be set in any order (preferably at least 500x500 pixels).On the toolbar, select the "horizontal text» (T).Make a box with the phrase with arbitrary content.Write, for example, your name.This is the simplest example of the logo.But, of course, we are not enough.To fix this, you need to add some effects, such as shadows.To do this, right click in our text layer and select "blending options" (1 point).In the new window, we see a lot of options, we find the "shadow".In a further menu you are interested in exhibiting color and size in pixels.We can also add an inner shadow, outline, patterns and other interesting effects.

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2 method

Now we do logo in Photoshop through the tool, "arbitrary figure".In the first case, we only focus on the text, but now will use a completely different approach.The standard set of Photoshop we have a meager set of figures.But there are plenty of alternative sources of content.Without much effort, you can "get" thousands of different variants.Here we can use the same shadow and glow.It is also recommended to use filters that are at the top of the screen.

3 Way

previously outlined ways to help you come up with a logo on the move, experimenting with different parameters, shapes and fonts.But if you have a rough sketch of the head and the initial sketch, then you will be any drawing.Let's say you made a drawing on paper.Now you need to move it in electronic form.If your logo is present only clean lines, use the "Line» (U).If a large part of the picture is made in an extraordinary style, then come to the aid "pencil" and "brush".More practice and experiment, and then your efforts are not in vain.


question of how to make a logo in Photoshop has been discussed many times.And there is plenty of disagreement over its manufacture.But all agree that the logo should be every person, company, firm, etc.always individual.And if it is the same for thousands of users, the meaning of work is lost.It is recommended that simple to learn and apply the techniques of registration, but not completely copy someone else's design.The question of how to make a logo in Photoshop, can not be fully explained in a few pages, so this article only superficially acquainted you with this process.